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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of September 21

Inspiration for the Week

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School Improvement

Teaching Innovation

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Want to Learn More?

Research tells us that when students know the expectations, they are more likely to achieve those goals.

“The starting place for all effective instruction is designing and communicating clear learning goals.”

Robert Marzano (2009)

“I Can” statements empower students, provide a common focus, communicate what is important, build community and engagement and increase motivation and confidence.

As you use I can statements think about the following:

Does your “I Can” statement capture the following information? (What the Students Need to Know, Understand, Do?)

Do 90% of the students in the classroom know where the learning objective is listed?

Do you list the learning objective on student assignments?

How are you communicating this to parents?

Article explaining the benefits of learning targets:

Sample of I Can statements used in K-5 ELA Units is now in our Husmann Shared Folder under ELA Units.

Did You Know?


  • Emily Schaefer ROCKS because she still had our grant meeting with Lori Parrish (I had another meeting). THANKS!-Kerri Tilton

  • Kristin Thorsen helped me update a boring lesson on evaluating sources to an exciting one evaluating web sites. She found interesting, humorous web sites for the students to evaluate and taught me how to make QR codes for the students to get to the sites!

    Joyce Bell

  • Bim promised to adjust my projector and when he couldn't make it during the day, he dropped by and fixed it at 8pm in the evening!

    Joyce Bell

  • Jill Khuns adjusted the recycling schedule so that it didn't interfere with EC. -Joyce Bell

  • Mrs. Brokhof and Mrs. Lahey both deserve a You Rocks from me for working so hard in my classroom! Thank you ladies!-Barbara Brayton

  • I would like to give a shout out to Cathy Barklow! I love some of the new ideas she has implemented in her classroom this year. She has been so welcoming in letting me take pictures in her room and discuss some of her ideas. She does such a great job setting up a focus wall for the week, setting classroom expectations for noise level and allowing students to reflect on what they are learning.​-

    Katie Felz

  • Kathy Kielbasa (aka Gramma Kathy), playground supervisor, for my "you rock" shout out. Kathy walks in to Husmann like a beam of sunshine. She always has a smile on her face, a hug and kind word for everybody. Just being around her lifts my spirits! Thanks for being you, Kathy, and the positive energy you bring. You rock! -

    Joy Burney

  • 5th grade rocks for creating a shared agenda to keep their team meetings focused! -

    Jenni Atkinson

  • Selena rocks for leading the PPS team through IEP Synergy training!
  • To my new hallmates: Jill, Rita, Debbie, Cathy, and Lynn for being so helpful and welcoming this school year!-Emily
  • I want to send a You Rock to Selena for taking on the laborious task of setting up all students a template for IEP progress reports-

    Kristin Ziemba

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