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Fire Fire!

The old Apartment on Presedents St burnt down yesterday morning. Windows went black from fire as it broke the windows with the two parents inside. The fire department was rushed to the scene.

The cause was bad electrical wiring in the basement or 1st floor. Although the parents were on the 3rd floor.

The parents are nowhere to be found as the detectives are still looking. The children (Lily age 4 and Lonnie age 7) say there parents went on a date in the parents, so the parents are presumably dead.

The children are being cared for at there local church. Further information is unknown at this time.

Franny's Halloween Party!

Thursday, Oct. 25th 1962 at 6-7:15pm

2435 avon court, westchester estates

Franny is having a super fun Halloween party for everyone! Hope too see you there!

P.S. Dont forget to bring your costumes!