Careers in Science

Environmental Scientists

Branch of Science

Envirmental Scientists belong under the branch of Earth Science. They work at understanding how animals and plants affect each other. They are concerned with nature - air,water, soil etc

Education Path

To become an Environmental Scientist you need at least a bachelor's degree. It would be helpful if you took math ( Calculus, Statistics and Probability and Trigonometry) and science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) classes in high school. In college there are many majors you could get to become an Environmental Scientist ( Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Natural Resources Conservation). You would need to take courses in Biology, Ecology, Natural Resources Management, etc

Training School and College

You could go to UW-River Falls to get a degree in Environmental Sciences. I chose this school because it is located In a small town. It would be easy to get out into nature. The school is located in River Falls and has a suburban setting. The closest metropolitan area is Minneapolis- St.Paul. It is a 4 year, public university. The Student to Faculty ratio is 23:1. The average class size is 27.


For incoming freshman, 30% to 59% graduated in the top 20% of their high school class. The estimated median ACT composite score is 20 to 23. The estimated median SAT combined score is 960 to 1099.

About the Job

Environmental Scientists study the relationship of living things and the places they live. They collect data and study environmental problems. They find ways to solve these problems (wildlife control, pollution, natural resources, and waste disposal). Environmental Scientists work outdoors in any kind of weather. They travel a lot. Many environmental scientists work for government agencies. Some teach and research at universities.

What Factors Affect Employment for this Job?

Environmental Scientists will have good opportunities for finding a job in Wisconsin. The national outlook for this career is very good. Employment is affected by research funding and politics.


The average salary for Environmental Scientists in Wisconsin ranges from 39,000 dollars to 97,820 dollars per year. The national salary range is 37,850 to 107,990 dollars per year.


There is a job for Field Environmental Scientist in Franklin, Wisconsin. The employer's name is Terracon Consultants, Inc. and Subs. Here in Green Bay there is Bay Environmental Strategies Inc.


Yes, I could see myself working as an Environmental Scientist. I love being outdoors and working with nature. A pro to this career would be trying to make the world a better place to live. There are also many job openings. A con would be filling out paper work.

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Resources (photo - grad-program CU-Boulder Environmental Studies Program)

By Zachary Meyer (4th Hour)