Media Literacy

Dana Jones

What Does it Mean to be Media Literate??

In my own opinion, media means mass communication for the world. Examples of media for me would be the news, social networks, television, radio, and the press. To me the media can tell you just about anything whether it’s true or a not true. People share news in the media all the time which we refer to as social media. It just about controls our way of living and thinking. Our world depends on the media and has been for quite a few years now. What I think it means to be media literate is to be able to understand the content and purpose of the media. It can sometimes be deceiving in many ways and because of this I feel like it is important for people to get to know to the core. A lot of different people have their different opinion on how things should be portrayed in the media. If you are someone that puts material into the media, you have to learn how to say things in the right way so that people will not assume something else. However, if you are someone that reads, watches, or listens to the media you have to be able to detect the buffoonery. The media has a ton of power and I think that you have to be well aware of that. It is important that things like this get through to people the correct way. Others may be very mislead and others just may be perfectly fine and understand what is getting put into their heads.

Day Without Social Media

The Struggle

When we were assigned a special homework assignment of staying off social media for a day I automatically knew that it wouldn't work out for me . I'm not saying that I can not live without it but knowing myself I know I'd completely forget . That morning , I was doing pretty well considering that fact that the school blocked all of the social media sites where we are unable to access them . However, when I arrived at home I caught myself looking through Instagram. I stopped for a moment but then I proceeded to look because I said to myself " Well I already failed the homework assignment ". Although , I did not succeed the homework assigned I learned a few lessons from it . We are so attached to social media we don't even know that we are on it most of the time . Our immediate reaction when we are bored is to put up our phones and look through social media . I think that it would've been a greater impact if we all did not have our phones. I believe that it would've been a lot harder for us to cope with the fact that we had to find an alternative to what we usually do .

How Does Social Media Affect Us Today ??

Winston's passage has a similar impact on today's society because some people see those type of living conditions everyday . I think that certain things affect people's actions and decisions. A lot of people get distracted by the things given to them . The Super Bowl for example was a huge event world wide . If you got on the computer that is all you would really see . When something major happens in our country most people usually hear about it on the tv or on Instagram. Not a lot of people may not help the situation but what you do see a lot is people only posting about it . In a way that could be somewhat of a control to us . We don't know how to take action or change something that needs to be fixed. A lot of people may be afraid of being judged in some sort of way so they hold back on a lot of things .


In 1984 , written by George Orwell, he mainly focuses on the control of society as a whole. The main character , Winston works for the government in the Ministry Of Truth where he is to tranform Big Brother's ( Head oF Government) speechs to where he is always telling the truth. It is important that Winston is up to date with the events just incase they change so he is able to change his speeches to match. The people view Big Brother as as their protector so it is crucial that whatever he says is the right thing.

The thing that is so interesting about Winston's job is that he is suppose to keep up with past events. However, BB does not allow people to remember anything from the past. Their main goal is to manipulate everyone's mind so that they can not turn against BB himself. The whole idea of a dystopian society is to be the exact opposite of an Utopian society which 1984 portrays very well.

Winston & Edward

Winston and Edward Snowden are very much alike. Just like Winston , Edward discovered something that he feels the citizens should know. He found them quite disturbing so he released private information for everyone to see. Many people called him a hero for it however, others were quite disappointed. Winston shared some of the same actions with Snowden. Winston worked with the inner party where his job was to alter information regarding Big Brother. Winston knows things that everyone does not know but in his mind he believes that everyone should know the real truth about their government. We haven't gotten that far i the book yet where Winston actually takes action however we do know that he is planning to.

Winston and O'Brien

In my opinion , considering the fact that Winston has already overcome many obstacles, I think he may survive. You could tell he was trying to stay strong for his life. If Winston survives room 101 I think he would become a villian only because he will have so much anger built up inside of him. He would feel like he is invinceable to anything. If anything the party made him stronger instead of weaker like they initally planned.

I think O'Brien is a victim for the government. He's forced to probably follow orders from Big Brother because if you think about it, he isn't the higher authority. Therefore, there is someone above him telling him what to do. I feel like a long time ago O'Brien was captured by the thought police and forced him to become a spy for the gov't. I couldn't see him as a villian only because he's such a supporter for the party and I don't think he would turn against them.

Reflection Two: Prince Era

In Prince Era's video about people using social media 24/7, he explained how addicted we were to it. I'd hate to admit it but he was right. However, I think we could prevent this from happening if we really tried. We could encourage people to see the important things we miss out on because of this distraction. Maybe during family time we could all lock our phones away so our attention is 100% towards out loved ones. The whole purpose of social media was to be able to keep in contact of those who are not close to you. It can also be a form of meeting somebody new or maybe searching for that long lost friend you had in elementary school. Unfortunately we use it all in the wrong way. It's like we cannot live without our phones but it’s an addiction that we can control, we just have to reverse the process right to the beginning again. Some of us do not know what it is like to live without phones and social networks. Our parents for example have all the slightest clues of what it feels like to communicate without technology. I remember a story my mom told me, when she was in high school all of the senior wore senior shirts on their first day of school. She had no form of social media and did it all by word. If I could do anything to change the power of social media and use it in the right ways for my peers to follow, I would show others that it doesn't control my life. By me not going to check my notifications right away goes to show that I am alert and open to all possibilities of life and I hope others would realize the same.

Reflection One

From the beginning of the year leading up to now I've noticed that my perspective on what media literacy means have changed. I've noticed that I centered my thoughts on how much our eyes are glued to our screens however, I did not realize the affect it has on our minds and how much we are corrupt to it. I learned that there is more out there in the world other than what's in my phone. I remember myself watching a video in my history class years ago about how you can miss something that can impact your life forever. In my other language arts classes we never really focused on the deeper meaning of media literacy. Actually, we didn’t really touch base on it as much as we did this year. I think in the future to make the class better is to show more examples of what media literacy really means. I had troubling grasping the true definition of what it serves as in the beginning of the class. It was not until the very end where I truly understood

The fight Against Fidel and Batista

The Cuban Revolution , led by Fidel Castro, was an act on throwing Batista out of the government. Batista's reign was so harsh and horrible he made everyone dislike him. So many people wanted a new leader to their country they turned to Castro for a better life. he offered a democracy and freedom to thing county. This made everyone want to stick by his side. He wanted what everyone else wanted and that was to make sure that Batista was eliminated from the country. I think hat activist were inspired to act because Batista was a anti-communist and Cuba experienced a period of instability. So, Fidel's plan was a success and he had 1200 followers to help

Information and Independent Thought

Can you imagine the idea of not being able to think? Not being able to have thoughts for your own? In 1984 your thoughts, information, language, and amount of freedom is manipulated by the party. They act this way simply because they do not want anyone to turn against the party and overthrow their reign. " Don't you see the whole aim of Newspeak is to limit the range of though...The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact there will be no thought, as we understand now" (52-53). Eventually, no one would essentially understand what the other person is saying. People are afraid to express their opinions and thoughts because the thought police are able to detect when you are thinking about something rebellious or not. It the peoples job to control their minds and emotion so they would not get themselves into a sticky situation.