Cougar News

Oct. 7 - Oct. 11

Cougar Team News

Mon. Oct. 6th is the first day of the 2nd Six Weeks. Report Cards for the First Six Weeks will go home on Wed. Please sign and return before Fri. 10/11.

Cougar Science

Monday 10/7 Metals, Non Metals, and Metalloids Notes

Tuesday 10/8 Periodic Table Project

Wednesday 10/9 Hunting the Elements Video (Vocabulary Flashcards Due)

Thursday 10/10 Interactive Lab Stations

Friday 10/11 Chemistry Vocabulary Quiz/ Physical and Chemical Changes

All notes, vocabulary and presentations can be found here.

Cougar ELA

All students will be working on their first formal writing piece this week. The final draft will be due next Tuesday. We will have our publishing party next week to celebrate our FANTASY Final drafts.

Cougar Math

Advance Classes are receiving a data collection project on Tuesday. They will be working on it in class and for homework. It will be due on Friday

Cougar Social Studies

Social Studies will be studying Government this week.