Bueche's Bulletin

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Teacher Talk

Between last week and this week we have a good start on our famous person research. We've talked about how to take notes using note cards. Students are using colored note cards for the bibliography cards. They are placing a number in the corner to indicate which source they found that information. We also created an outline for our paper that is in our writer's notebook. We watched two short videos explaining how to evaluate a website. We practiced locating a website and evaluating it for validity. Everyone was able to find a website about his person. Research should be done before break with most students having part of their paper written.

We took our Unit 2 test today and the class did very well. They are rocking Reading Street!

Winter Party- for this party our pod does a rotation of fun in the morning and hot cocoa, cookies and a movie in the afternoon. I'll contact parents who signed up to help with requests through e-mail.

I passed out Six Flags Reading sheets this week. Students should be able to read the six hours and then some in the two weeks if they complete their reading each day. I just need the sheet back signed to have them complete the program. Thank you for your help with this.

Science- Vex Robotics

We have completed our robotics unit. Students used their bots to move as many sample of the moon's surface to the loading dock of our space craft. Groups were able to complete two rounds of sample retrieval. Everyone was successful! I was really impressed with the ideas that came after the first round. Making modifications to the original was the greater learning experience.