Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Resources

ADDitude Magazine

ADDitude Magazine

  • Excellent information about ADHD
  • FREE information online- ADDitude website, Facebook, Pinterest
  • $19.99 a year to subscribe to the magazine (4 issues a year)
  • Subscribers also receive additional access to other downloads
  • ADDconnect- An online community for Attention Deficit Support and Solutions

CHADD- Children and Adults with ADHD


Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Offers FREE information online without a membership and additional information and benefits to members
  • Over 12,000 Members
  • Offers different membership types including- individual, family, educator, professional, organizational, and student
  • Educator Membership- $53 for 1 year membership
  • Student Membership- $41 for 1 year membership
  • Attention Magazine

National Resource Center on AD/HD

  • A Program of CHADD- Children and Adults with ADHD
  • ADHD Resources and Support for Families, Adults, and Educators
  • Resources and Support for TEACHERS!
  • FREE information sheets on various topics related to ADHD
  • Most information is FREE and does not require CHADD membership
  • Bi-monthly electronic newsletter
  • FREE Online resources for learning and attention issues
  • Focused on helping families, but also a valuable resource for educators
  • Sign up to receive FREE weekly email newsletter
  • Additional information provided through their Facebook Page

LDA- Learning Disabilities Association of America


  • Provides Learning Disability Support and Resources for Parents, Educators, Adults, and Professionals
  • Resources available for Learning Disabilities in general, Specific Learning Disabilities, and Related Disorders.
  • Membership is REQUIRED to access most resources
  • Offers State Affiliate Memberships- membership rate based on your state
  • Kansas Membership- $40
  • Student Membership- $25
  • LDA Today- bi-monthly electronic newsletter
  • THE LD SOURCE- weekly email resource

Rebecca Hackett

K-State Special Education Doctorate Student

EDSP 723 --Spring 2015