How Does The Internet Work?

Find Out How The Internet Was Created And How!

What Even Is The Internet?

If you dont know what the internet is then you've been living under a rock. The internet is a global computer network,world wide, that gives you information, lets you communicate, and many more.

The Internet Is Used By People With:

How Does It Work?

Now you know what it you might be wondering how does it work,if you didn't I said MIGHT, the internet works because there are many satellites orbiting earth and they are all connected. Thats the reasoning behind it being slow or fast

What is Web Cache Server?

A Web Cache Server is a programmed network that is dedicated to save web pages or any internet content. It also allows you to access item offline.

What is An IP Adress?

IP Adress Stands for Internet Protocol Adress, it is a arrangement of numbers that are separated with by a period. It identifies how many people use it to access the network.

What is The URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, it's the location of a folder on the internet. The adress of a webpage is the URL, if you dont know it , which your mostly should know it, example are, or, *Apple Advertised, JOKING*

What is The ISP?

ISP is short for Internet Service Provider, is actually a company, surprising huh , that provides you with internet, some examples of companies in Dubai that provides us with internet are, Du and etisalat.

What is DNS?

Domain Name Servers or DNS for short is similar to a phone book but for the internet, it contains and maintains all of the domain names an they are translated into the IP, it is required because thats how computers access the websites.