Walt Disney

Laycie Hagen


~ Walter Elias "Walt" Disney.
~ Born December 5, 1901- December 15, 1966.
~ Born in the Hermosa Community area of Chicago.
~Later on moved to Kansas City.
~His parents were Elias and Flora Call Disney.
~ He had 4 siblings; Herbert, Raymond, Roy and Ruth.
~He wanted to work in the entertainment industry involving drawing and animation.
~Started a major animation studio business.

His Invention

~Animation was just starting to become popular and Walt Disney wanted to make it become even more popular.
~As a result Disney Productions Company was started
~The product of Disney Productions has changed the realm of animation and how animation is created.
~Snow White was the first full length Disney movie to come out.
~We could live without Disney but we would lose a lot of the memories from our childhood.
~We often take Disney for granted because we don't always think of just how much Disney controls and what all it does.
~ Some products created after Disney was started was the toys that came out, TV channels, and Disney Theme Parks.


~High school dropout at the age of 16.
~He took night courses at the Chicago Art Institute and was the cartoonist for the school newspaper.
~Was working for a film company and went on his growing interest in animation and wanted to start his own company.
~Inspired by how animation was evolving and started working with cel animation and showed his animation to the public, aspiring to change the realm of animation.
~In total the Walt Disney company has made around 54 million dollars.


~Good leadership skills, aspiration to continue his work, hard worker, out of the box thinker, charismatic
~Based on Disney's traits I would say that what they do and their traits fits with what they have done in his lifetime because Disney has become on of the most well known company worldwide.
~Disney has set world wide animation standards for all other aspiring Animation Studios.

My Knowledge

~I admire Walt Disney because I grew up watching Disney movies and used to want to work in Disney Animation.
~ I share the same interests because I'm interested in animation, drawing, and comics.
~If I were to venture out on my own I would become a multimedia artist because firstly I love drawing and find animation interesting. But also entertainment in the form of animation always puts people in a good mood along with giving them good memories of their childhood.