Birth control Pill/ The Pill

Nick McMahan, Jon Hurst

The inventors of the Pill

The pill was introduced in 1952 to trick the egg by making it think that you are already pregnant. They are synthetic hormones that mimic estrogen and progestin It prevents ovulation. 16 million pills are used today. Also women who are on birth control are 40% less likely to develop uterine and ovarian cancers

The inventors

It also controls acne, reduces menstral cramps, and reduces PMS

The 3 questions

1) the reson why the came up with a birth control pill was because a lot of woman were getting pregnant, so they work and raised money to come up with this pill.

2) the invention changed America society because girls had control over when they won't to get pregnant and it helps with periods.

3) the biggest thing that this invention had a turning point was that now they know how to make pills, and look pretty much everyone lives off pills today. Do you see how much different just one pill can do for America it's amazing.