By:Laucelynn Parra

How Dangerous is Abortion?

Abortion is dangerous, you will get severe physical pain. Besides, you may get a bad injection or even die or make you unable to have children anymore.

Why Abortion Should not be legal??

A woman can suffer an infection or internal bleeding. or probably in the future you would not have baby's.
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Abortion its bad to do?

Yeah, Because you can die in the progress. or you can not abort and have the baby and the baby can born sick.

Abortion can Help you with personal problems?

No,Because you can get depression or something and the you would be wishing that you want you baby in your stomach.

How can prevent Abortion??

You can stay with that person and talk with her. Its not easy being pregnant if you don't want the baby. but you can do it with out help of someone. or tell her that she can move with you at your house for at time she need.. The only person who its important would be the baby not her and not me.


Its not easy but you can do it by yourself, You don't need a men you can work hard to give your baby a good life. if you practice abortion you would died and you would kill the baby. and he didn't do nothing to you.Is not the baby fall its your fall because you did use protection. First you can do its think about it.