highly reactive


Lithium is silvery-white, a metal, and the atomic number is 3

Basic Info

  • Symbol-Li
  • Atomic number-3
  • Atomic weight-6.49
  • Group-1
  • Period-2
  • color-silvery white/grey
  • classification-metallic


Lithium was discovered by Johan August Arfvedson in the year 1817 in Stockholm Sweden and the Greek word for lithium is lithos which means stone

Biology and Geology roles

  • no biological role
  • igneous rocks contain lithium
  • there are many deposits around the world and is abundant


  • medicine for manic depression disorder
  • lubricants
  • alloys for aircraft
  • high electrochemical potential batteries


  • Lithium is highly reactive
  • has a boiling point of 2448 F
  • a solid

Interesting facts

  • Least dense metal
  • does not occur as a pure element because it is very reactive
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