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VIP Tough Mudder Bootcamp

There’s no better place to prove to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to demolish any goal you set in 2019 than Tough Mudder Classic.

Did you compete last year? Are you ready to make the jump now? Well, it's time to start training!

The Tough Mudder Bootcamp will be intense, fun and exhilarating.

Every class will be filled with crazy energy and designed to push you to the next level.

Classes will be four times a week and will be available Saturday and Sunday. In order to see results and be successful, regular attendance is required.

Cost: $469 (includes the cost of the 2019 Tough Mudder Classic)

Presented by Jon Stone

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We are NOT just doing this for fun! That's right! At the end of 6 weeks, you will be part of the best team at the 2019 Tough Mudder Classic. You’ll test your limits physically and mentally and cross the finish line stronger than you started, with your fellow VIP Mudders by your side every step of the way.

2019 Tough Mudder Classic

Saturday, June 15th, 6am

1955 East Lakeville Road


Tough Mudder Classic has taken innovation to the extreme with 10 new or updated obstacles on every single course for maximum limit-testing, goal-crushing EPIC.
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