Technology Tidbits



This week I'd like to hold a beginner session on Schoology.

WHO: Me and You

WHAT:This session will introduce the user to Schoology (a learning management system that allows you to post--videos, discussion questions, etc, push out work, and collect work from the student), and will have them create a first assignment to share with students (you can always delete it later ;).

WHERE: Pullman Media Center

WHEN: 2:45 on Tuesday November 12

WHY: To learn about Schoology

Before you come: Please go to and "sign up" for an account. Also, please put some sort of document that you'd like to push out to students (even if it's just for practice) into a google drive folder.


The Nuts and Bolts

The Nuts and Bolts

  • YIKES, who knew?! If you use notability and don't want your students to back up their will need to have them set this up. Students can go into the app and look for the settings button (wheel) on the bottom of the screen. Here you will need to turn on the button for cloud back up.
  • I am going to try to set aside M, W, F from 2:00-2:30 for tech help-- for kids. If you have a student with an issue, please send them to my nook during this time. If I can not help the student I will write up a "ticket" for Brian and send them back to class. For students in this situation, I may call for the iPad again when I know he will be in the building.
  • Tech meetings are this week, and next. See you there!

Embrace the Shake

This is the video that was mentioned at Edcamp833. I love this video...and I think it really sums up my hopes for everyone as we transition into technology this year. Thanks to everyone who has embraced the shake!

Don't forget about the Wonderful World of the Web!

  • I just found this, and it is the easiest way I've used to build a Jeopardy game (it scores too!)
  • Don't forget to use the "Reader" button in your browser to make webpages more reader friendly...and more printer friendly (this is for web on mac AND iPad)! On the new iOS7 it looks different, so if you use it with kids using that version look for a set of horizontal lines that is on the left of the browser bar, instead of the "reader" icon to the right as you'd see on iOS6.
  • Jan Kurilla shared some great resources with me from the Greg Tang Math workshop she attended. Check out his webpage if you want to find some of these resources or learn more about Greg Tang Math...Here is the link to his math games. They do not use flash, so kids should be able to access on their iPads as well. I'm sure Jan would be happy to tell you more as well!!

Contact Info...

If you want to find out more about any of the resources/info listed please contact me!