Pastel de Tres Leches

¡Muy delicioso!

Origin of Tres Leches

While cakes soaked in liquid are considered a Medieval European Origin, like British rum cake and Italian tiramisu, recipes for soaked cake started in Mexico as early as the 19th century, a result of the cultural diffusion between Europe and the Americas. We see the Latin American origin when Nestlé places la pastel de tres leches on their condensed milk labels. The company had created subsidiaries in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela in the 1930s. There are many arguments on where the recipe exactly originated, but it mostly comes down to Nestlé labels.

Los Ingredientes

  • Una y mitad tazas de harina
  • Una cucharadita de levadura en polvo
  • Mitad taza de mantequilla sin sal
  • Una taza azúcar blanco
  • Cinco huevos
  • Una cucharadita vainilla
  • Dos tazas de leche entera
  • Una (catorce onzas) bote de dulce leche condensada
  • Una (doce onzas fluidas) bote de leche evaporada
  • Una y mitad tazas crema dulce doble




Precalentar - To preheat

Colar - To sift

Batir - To beat/whip

Añadir - To add

Combinar - To combine

Guardar - To keep

Mezclar - To mix

Untar - to spread

Hornear - To bake

Verter - To pour


mitad - half

taza - cup

leche - milk

condensada - condensed

evaporada - evaporated

entera - whole

fresca - cold

pastel - cake

la crema dulce - whipping cream

en la cima - on top of

harina - flour

azúcar - sugar

levadura en polvo - baking powder

cucharada - tablespoon

cucharadita - teaspoon

horno - oven

sartén - pan

tenedor - fork

ponga aparte - set aside

refrigerado - refrigerated