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1 Month Anniversary

Not to get too emotional but on Thursday we celebrate our 1 month anniversary together as a floor! AHHH time flies right? Keep reading to find out what we will be doing to celebrate this exciting milestone as well as a couple other pieces of news that give us reason to celebrate.

Birthday Thursday

Cake, virgin mimosas, party hats and the whole floor?! WHO?WHAT?WHEN?WHERE?HOW?

September has been a busy birthday month and its only right that we celebrate all the september birthdays together as a floor! Not to forget on Thursday our very own Christophe is turning 19!! (whoot hoot) so get ready for the biggest birthday bash of the month!

Party starts at 7pm so come on down to the floor lounge for a fun time! Post party will be our Floor Member Appreciation night where we will decorate the lounge with things we love about each other! Time to start brainstorming!

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Freaky Friday

Last week our game of werewolf with floor 4 and 5 may have gotten a little hostile, but while we still remember our enemies and friends its time for another round! Starting at 7pm on Friday in the floor lounge, be care full of who you trust!
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Sleepy Saturday

If the wolves haven't killed off our fellow floor members then I hope to see you all at our very first PJ+Movie night with Rice 17! Make sure to suggest and vote which movie we should watch on the poster by the elevator!

Only Requirements: Pj's or comfy clothing, blanket, pillow and a reusable mug if you have one for hot chocolate. There will be styrofoam cups available as well.

Before the Movie our special guest RA-Kierra will walk us through how to make a never ending card!

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Friendsgiving Sunday

Similar to thanksgiving as a floor we will gather in the floor lounge to celebrate our floor friendship with a PIZZA PARTY. Make sure to cast your vote on the floor facebook page on wether we should eat at 12(lunch) or 7pm(supper)!
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Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog (Ep. 2)

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P.S. Everything we talk about is completely confidential unless you are at harm to yourself or others then I am required to get help. Got questions check out my RA code of confidentiality on my door or you can find one any RA door in residence.

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