5 Themes of Austin

by Bernardo Barron

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This realtes to location because it is showing you a relative location of where austin is. It is showing you that Austin is in the middle south east of texas, but not is not showing you the exact longitude and latitude it is just kind of a circle in a map.

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I think the best landmarks in the Austin area are the lakes. We have a lot of lakes witch are really fun to go out on the boat for a while and just relax or tube and other stuff. It is also really neat and beautiful to se the lake for the first couple of time.

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In my point of view this is a great picture that relates to region. It shows three big cities that surround Austin so i would say Austin is north from San Antonio, south from Dallas, and west from Houston. Therefor it is in the region in between Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.


A thing that a lot of people come to Austin for is the water. We have Lake Travis, Lake Austin, The Blue Hole, and more. That's just one of the many attractions of Austin because who wouldn't want to go on the boat, who wouldn't want to go to the blue hole, and who wouldn't like to just walk around looking at the beautiful lake witch is your surroundings.

Human Enviorment Interaction

These picture relates to changing the environment for are needs in many ways. Something as simple as making an airport or a bridge to help with transportation. I know that the times have changed and our technology has changed everything that we do in this world that is why i put the phone because it is such a big change from twenty years ago that us as humans have made.