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  • General introduction
  • Session 1: Course introduction
  • Lab 1: Class Math description
  • UNESCO and ISTE standards
  • Readtheory: Reading comprehension activities
  • Lab 2: Class Science description
  • Lab 3: Class English description
  • Alison course 1
  • Alison course 2
  • Alison course 3
  • Alison course 4
  • CALL workout
  • Emerging technologies, emerging minds: digital innovations within the primary sector
  • Lab 3: Multimedia presentation English class description
  • Lab 4: Discussion and collaboration / Google Apps English class description
  • Cases presentation
  • Lab 5: Screencast for tutorials
  • Integrating technology into secondary English language teaching
  • Technology and Adult language teaching
  • Lab 7: Create timelines publish their writings Connect with others classrooms
  • English for academic purposes
  • E-creation tools: Computers based resources
  • Lab 8: Create magazines and posters. Create and edit maps
  • E-creation tools: Reading/writing. Learning management system
  • Evidence class descriptions 1
  • Evidence class descriptions 2
  • General conclusion
  • Bibliography/E-graphy


This e-portfolio is especially for teachers to privide guidelines and addition to prepare them on the new apperences of technology and its usage.

Teachers of this century must know teachnology usage. In fact, teachnology systems which the teachers should integrate all the technology resources in the classroom so students can be updated of innovations. Also, teachers should implement activities, methods, methodology, techniques, etc... linked with teachnology. Internet has a big role where all the users can get and enrich knowledge with all apps, pages, classes games, information, etc..

Session 1: Course introductions

This presentation is all about the intruduction of Digital competences that teachers should know to implement new technological methodologies.


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Lab 1: Math class description

These documents show the description of the class in which we can apply with our students.



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Readtheory: Reading comprehension activities

Readtheory 1-3

Readtheory 4-6

Readtheory 7-9

These tests were helpful and ideas to power our students in analyzing and reading. The worderful of these test that are well done, by providing tips and the skill of remember specific information. Those topics helped me learn something that I didn't know.

Lab 2: Science class description

Science lesson plans

Developing lesson plans increase teacher's the reason why it is important to plan. In fact, doing plans enormously help teachers teaching don't fall in improvise and students lean affectively and actively.

Lab 3: English class description


Adobe Photoshop CS3

This course is fantastic and interesting by editing pictures. This program editor is more insert backgrounds, sound, effect and contrast for photos. In teaching, teachers can provide students texts in which students should insert background, icons, effects, etc... regarding the target course.


Network Security System

This course soak me with lot of knowledge and important terminologies. Definitely learning more about computer security system is important which is based in education that confort teachers when providing students new knowledge.


Web application

This course, its based to work is internet connection in which allows teachers even students work with web pages to create, construct, edit information. Those awesome pages that web provide makes teacher map and illustrate their classes. This course brought me, my imagination and developed my creative side.


Adobe after effects

This is closely similar to Adobe photoshop CS3 in which we are able to edit. This program is smarter than others. This drove me in editing photos and pictures in a creative way.


EMERGING TECHNOLOGY, EMERGING MINDS: digital innovations within the primary sector

Emerging teachnologies etc..

Emerging technology and emerging mind are concerning about innovation the way of teaching through technology. Many movements and innovation concern what are the best options to empower the four skills for students. According to me, I percepted that technology has different effect in ESL (English as second language) reflects the notion of children from minority ethnic backgrounds, who already have experience of using their own home languages and are the official language of the country. Finally, EFL (English as second language) where learning of English takes place in non-english speaking context.

LAB 3: Multimedia presentations English class description

Lab 3 presentation

Now teachers are supported by using a huge amount of digital tools in which they are able to use them. Here the teacher provides students to strengthen their learning by applying the newest tendencies of teaching through technology. Multimedia is the usage of camaras, Cd player, video recorder, and voice recorder that are some of the examples in which they are allow to create interesting presentation.

LAB 4: Discussion and collaboration/ Google Apps English class description

Apps presentation

More apps presentation

Apps used of education presentation

Google has a lot apps that helps education increase the style of teaching and learning. Google apps makes teachers and students become creative, editing, and constructing. The most useful apps in Google are Google site, Google Drive, Google+, Google maps, etc...

I haven't seen and known that Google apps which are fantastic and amazing would help education to allow students use them. Otherwise, Google apps allow to create presentations, videos, webpages, posters, social webpage, etc...


Case 1: Technologies to support oral skills

Case 2: Cases 1.7a and 1.7b

These cases are related with real issues that provides ideas, tips, and steps. These cases show how technology was introduced in the classroom. Moreover, these leave a big impact and expectations that applying technology can level up the way of teaching and learning.

LAB 5: Screencast for tutorials


Integrating teachnology.... presentation

Integrating teachnology is very easy to understand the methods, approaches, techniques that teachers can apply. In fact, Integrating technology can be defined as how can teachnology can be placed in a classroom. But trying to do it, sounds very difficult even if we have to apply in places where English is a secondary languange teaching. Otherwise, we have to add more difficult situations that make teachnology complicated to integrate. Finally, technology should envolve in functions where technology is started to integrate.

LAB 7: create timelines Publish their writing Connect with other classrooms

Lab 7 presentation

This tools enhenced students' mind and imagination in which they are able to produce new e-tools pages to produce English as the target language. Otherwise, these e-tools are to make students' spelling to ensure when writing paragraphs.


English for academic purposes presentation

English is very important nowadays in education, in the society, and job application that make people to get interested in learn English as a second language. English has learnt in school, e-learning, and also going to places where English is spoken. But now English is taught by using teachnology and for specific purposes for non-speaker to prapare for academic study. English for General Academic and English for Specific purposes.

E-CREATION TOOLS: computer based resources

E-creation tools presentation

Nowadays, day by day technology is growing lot. So, e-tools are helping teacher make students work collaboratively, individually, online (video conferences), chats, or posting massages on the web. Computer based resources are much better to students understand about of computers system to resolve some trouble that they will have in their learning styles. Students will be able to try troubleshootings to the computes to check if something is wrong.

LAB 8: Create magazines and posters Create and edit maps

Lab 8 presentation

Magazines, posters and maps are very amazing materials to work in. Magazines are fantastic and awesome documents to work because we let students create something that get their interest and motivation (sports, famous people, movies, songs, etc...). Posters are pages where students get interested to work. Otherwise, these pages make students create and edit information to produce publicity. In fact, they are using the target language. But the must important here is improve the English language as much is possible to achieve the goal.

E-CREATION TOOLS: Reading /writing Learning management systems

Reading and Writing are as well important than speaking and listening to improve language learning. Otherwise, these skills are going to improve by creating e-tools, so students are able to post their writing or create news. The most important here is to reinforce students' skills by letting them do something new. Technology lets students doing on the web digital materials for their lives. This makes me feel confortable because support me with the students to implement new things and technology. This is really fun...

General conclusion

Digital competencies have became to teachers and students challenges to learn by creating, constructing, editing knowledge through a huge amount of tools. All the tools seen during the course are extremely important for teaching with technology, so that makes teachers be updated with the newest ways of teaching. In addition to, Students are constantly developing their skills, information analyzing, and cautiously choosing the best information. Finally, with these interesting and exptional tools Teachers are able to encourage students work collaboratively, individual, make smart and amazing presentations, and have online classes.