calorie basics

what is a Calorie?

is a meture of how much energy is in food.

why do you need to eat calories?

your body turns it into energy.

how do u calculate calories?

u measure calories to the 1000

what is the diffrence between a calorie and a Calorie

a calorie is 1000s of a Calorie

what is an empty calorie

is a calorie that adds no vidimans or minorals

do u like it or not

i think that if they did that they would loose a lot of custermers becase they see how bad it is for u but less people would get obese or sick

the calorie

if u dont burn as much calories as u consum u will get fat and the calories are all suger

good food

a salad would be beter for u to eat that ice cream or small portions of meat and potato insted of coockes or some junk food

people i can help learn

famly friends every one