Life of a Procrastinator

The Project I Made The Night Before


I chose this title because through my life I have always put off things until the last second.

What's In a Name

My parents named me Cooper because my two siblings names were Abbey and Barrett so they wanted a C name to keep the alphabet pattern going. They considered other names starting with C and were deciding on either Cooper or Cameron personally I think Cameron is a cooler name.

Remembrance of Things Present

Dear Future Self,

Twenty years from now I hope to remember all of the things that I now enjoy and value. My friends and family are very important to me and i hope that in twenty years i do not forget that. Right now my favorite things to do in my free time are watching Netflix, playing video games, and eating. My best friend's name is Will and we have been friends since 4th grade so I would hope that I would remember him but he has been very important in my life and i wanted to mention it because I want remember in twenty years how important of a friend he is.

Remembering The Child

I interviewed my dad for this project and he told me about when he taught me how to ride a bike. My dad said that when I got my first bike I was so excited I wanted to start riding it around right away but instantly realized that would not happen. For the next few weeks my dad tried and tried again to teach me how to ride a bike but it wasn't working, he said that every time I would end up giving up with bloody elbows and knees and i would cry all the time because I really wanted to ride a bike. Eventually we gave up and I just used training wheels for a while until one time my family went on a camping trip and we were going to ride bikes around there. Everything was great until we went to ride bikes and I found out that the training wheels didn't work so good off road and I was going to miss out on all the fun. My dad then decided the training wheels were coming off and I was finally going to learn how to ride a bike. When he got them off I instantly took off right down a hill onto my face, after a while of crying I got back on the bike and tried again and again and eventually got it, I was so happy and rode my bike just about everyday ever since.

Memorable Event

Last summer I went with my family to South Padre Island for a week of vacation on the beach. It was for a lawyer seminar or something my dad went to for his job which meant everything was paid for by the people hosting it including the plane ride and hotel room but it also meant that my dad had to work most of the time we were there, we still had a lot of fun though. While we were there we went parasailing which was surprisingly boring for flying through the air over the ocean, they took me and my brother up for like five to ten minutes and it was just like we were sitting down but up in the air maybe it would be more exciting if there was some danger to it but it was all safe. All the other days we were there we would go down to the beach by the hotel and hang out there for a while then go into the hotel pool for the rest of the day.

The Examined Life

Best Things About Me:

  1. I am a good listener
  2. I am a very accepting person
  3. I am a relatively nice person
  4. I am a good friend
  5. I am a quick learner
  6. I am creative

My Greatest Faults:

  1. I am kinda lazy
  2. I procrastinate a lot
  3. I don't do something I should do If i don't want to
  4. I stay in my room a lot
  5. I watch a little too much Netflix
  6. I get sick a lot

Lessons I Learned After It Was Too Late

Three lesson I learned when it was too late would be when I stepped on a jelly fish when i was around two or three, the time I didn't listen to the teacher in preschool and the time I let my friend drive my families atv.

I don't remember this at all but my parents told me a bunch of times about what happened, so when I was two or three my family went to a beach and while we were going for a walk on the beach at night I saw a little jelly blob thing on the beach and decided it was a good idea to step on it to see how it would feel, well turns out it didn't feel too great considering it was a jelly fish. I cried forever and my dad even peed on my foot because they heard that helps..

Another time in preschool there was a recess room we would go to halfway through the day to play for half an hour and in the play room there was a big pirate ship with a tunnel under it that I liked to go through. Towards the end of the recess I thought it would be funny to hide in the tunnel and have them try to find me. Recess ended and the teachers called everyone to line up to leave, everyone left and no one was looking for me. Thirty minutes or so went by and no one had found me another class even went through the play room for their recess. Eventually I got really scared, started crying and didn't know what to do. At some point when my mom went to pick me up they went back to the play room and found me but only after three or so hours of me crying in a tunnel inside of a play room fifteen feet away from the classroom.

In fifth grade me and my best friend went camping on my families farm. While we were there we drove around on our atv but i didn't want to let my friend drive it because he did a lot of stupid stuff and didn't really think things through before doing them. After a long time of me driving it around and him begging to drive I let him drive it (which I now very much regret). So basically there was pond in the middle of the farm with a hill next to it.. he decided to drive it on the side of the hill along the lake and tried to turn left and drive up the hill but the hill was too steep and we rolled back down the hill and into the pond. My dad and uncle saw it happen and drove our big tractor down to pull it out of the pond, it was safe to say it didn't work anymore. Even though i wasn't the one driving my dad never lets me forget that day.

Futures -- Fantasy and Fact


In ten years I will be twenty six and have graduated from UT with a degree in computer science. I will have made an Indie game and sold over eight hundred copies making millions of dollars. I will have a five story mansion on the ocean, a private jet and my own yacht.


In ten years I will be twenty six and working at my brothers pizza place. I will be living in a one bedroom apartment

I think the difference of these two futures would be how much I pay attention in school, do my work on time and getting good grades.