Show your creativity

What's so great about it!

Why I like Minecraft so much is that you really get to show your creativity throughout the game. Normally there are two modes. You can play multiplayer mode and single player mode. Lets talk now, shall we...

Singleplayer mode

Single player mode includes survival, creative, and hardcore. When you play on survival mode you can be a wildlife survivor and explore, build, and mine stuff.(I personally love survival). Creative mode is when you can use your own imagination and build mansions, water-slides, dungeons, and so much more! At home, I am working on a mansion with so far a formal dining room, a kitchen, a swimming pool, and a gullam sanctuary. A gullam is a Minecraft creature that can protect you from any enemy's. Trust me, you'll love it!

Multiplayer Mode

When you play multiplayer you can play stuff such as the Hunger games. hide and seek, and Parkour. I love Parkour and the Hunger Games. What you basically do is find chests with stuff such as armor, food, and weapons to use against people. In Parkour, you can get points for your character by jumping block to block and not falling out of that world. How cool is that!


Have you ever heard about people talking about creepers and all that junk, and be like what are you talking About? Well, now you'll learn. Some enemy's in Minecraft Blaze, Skeletons, Creepers, Enderman, Zombie-pig man, and ghast. Just now that their enemy's and you'll normally hear about creepers. LOL! That's Minecraft for you!


Biomes are the worlds you end up in, in Minecraft.

Marissa Jegnathan