Egyptian Art & Trade

By: Ally Clement Sami Saltzman Mikala Prettyman

The Egyptian Art

The Egyptians made all sorts of art, like gold masks,pots,and paintings. They made them for un,and to trade,also to use as home goods. They used wedges and stone tools, but some potterry was so charished they even put it in their tomb!!


This pitcure is a symbol of pottery. Also they look like Animals and there is a person too!!!!

Golden Masks

This picture is a symbol of a kings head tomb. Also it is a symbol of gold and riches of the king.

Egyptain trade

They traded grains, gold, copper, linen, iron, silver, tin, lead. Gods were not paid in this,but rather were exchanged fpr other goods. Egyptians traded their crafts, and resources with other countries near and far.


This picture shows what items they traded


School education in Egypt is divided into 3 main stages
Kindergarten (2 years) Kindergarten is not required and egyptian student can start his or her education journy from next stage (Basic education)
Basic Education (9 compulsory years)
Secondary Education (3 or 5 years)


The Ancient Egyptians exported to other countries
Grain, especially wheat grown in the fertile valley up till Roman times, Egypt was the breadbasket of the Mediterranean
Natron for embalming
flax and hemp, for making clothes and ropes.
cats were first domesticated in egypt
Fruit and palm dates were found as far as egypt
craft products such as statues and religious ornaments.
Papyrus paper

in return Egypt imported:-
Spices, incense, myrrh, perfume and ivory from Punt
Gold and silver from Nubia
Slaves from Nubia, Libya and Asia
Wood ( especially cedar from lebanon)
Metals ( copper and tin) from around the mediterranean
Precious Metals