Superintendent's Blog

March 2015 - Week 5

Budget Season

Hello Middle City School District Community,

I hope this message finds you well.

As we approach this year’s budget season, I would like to take a moment and explain my role in the process and fiscal philosophy. As a resident of the district, I recognize well how financial decisions made regarding our budget have direct impact on our wallets. Please know that of all the responsibilities bestowed to me as Superintendent of Schools, being the fiscal steward for the district is the one I hold most earnestly. As such, I take a fiscally conservative approach to constructing our annual budget and this sentiment is strongly emphasized to each of my administrators. I challenge each of them to strive to find a perfect balance between what is needed to sustain our excellent educational programs and operations and being fiscally prudent. Rest assured that I, along with the Director of Business Services, will vet each line item in the budget to ensure that your, our, dollars are being spent wisely and in direct alignment with the district’s short and long range goals and educational priorities. As always I welcome the community’s thoughts, so when we post our proposed budget for final approval, please review it and bring forth any comments you might have at our board meeting.


Troy Sosnovik

Superintendent of Schools