what happens in Boy Scouts

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What happens in Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts is organization that offers boys a variety of benefits, education, leadership, and a chance to grow and thrive with others. You practice how work with others. You do service projects. You learn to care for the environment. You learn how to take care of yourself. You learn skills like how too support yourself if there were a emergency. One way is to tie strong knots that can hold a variety of things like a tent peg, or to lash a shelter together. and other objects that are used to survive in the woods or on a campout. Another skill is to learning how to make your own first aid kit.

For example here is what goes into a simple personal first aid kit.

Six adhesive bandages, two 3-by-3 sterile gauze pads, one small roll of adhesive tape so it is easier to get around with out something hurting a lot, One 3-by-6 piece of moleskin to make sure a blister does't get rubbed, one or two small bars of soap or travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer to clean a cut. one or two tubes of antibiotic ointment to help the cut heal.

One pair of scissors to cut off bandages. One box of non-disposable gloves so nothing gets inside of the cut. One or two breathing masks to make sure you don't get sick.

pencil and paper to write down what happened.

Scout troops are divided into patrols. This helps to organize the scouts so work can get done. Some leadership roles in boy scouts are the spl/ senior patrol leader, aspl/ assistant senior patrol leader, pl/ patrol leader, apl/ assistant patrol leader, the spl is in control of the whole troop and this is one of the biggest roles in Boy Scouts that a scout can have.

The aspl is like the spl. He assistants the senior patrol leader in managing the troop and takes control when something happens to the senior patrol leader or if he is not there. The patrol leaders a like a senior patrol leader but is in control of one group, and the assistant patrol leader is like the aspl but is the pl`s assistant and takes control of the group when the pl is not there.

Scouts do service projects. One service project is a food drive for the needy. There are four parts that are needed to get done for the food drive. Number one part of the troop goes out and places flyers on peoples doors. Next another group of the troop will collect the food. After that another group of boys from the troop will count and sort the food that is collected. Then the whole troop will come together and deliver the food to the needy.

Scouts learn about safety. You learn how to be safe on a computer. You learn how to be safe in water. You learn how to use tools safely. You learn how to do shooting sports safely. You learn how to safely pick your campsite/ how to find a good place for a tent.

Scouts learn physical fitness. You learn bike safety. You learn boating safely. You learn how to exercise with out hurting yourself or others.

Scouts help the environment. We once planted trees around the school and we have picked up trash in parks and on the roadsides.

Scouts learn how to turn a bad day into a good day. One example is once there was a hike it was raining the whole time we were there we went on a hike we got absolutely wet then it got cold, but we used the skills we learned to stay comfortable. We were able to enjoy our hike safely and enjoy being outside. Scouting is fun.