2021 4-H Officer Training Week

Welcome to 4-H Officer Training Week, February 21 - 27! Each day of Officer Training Week will focus on one topic or officer position. Check your email or social media daily for new information.

The Role of the Treasurer

The position of treasurer enables you to connect with friends, fellow members, advisors, parents, and your community. Treasurers are responsible for accurate record-keeping of the club’s income and expenses and providing input on decisions that require the club to spend money. They work with the advisors in your club to manage the checking account and file the financial summary at the end of the year with the county Extension office.

Treasurer's Handbook

Ohio 4-H Officer Training: Treasurer

Duties of the Treasurer

  • Handle all money matters of the club and maintain accurate financial records.
  • Prepare a budget, with your finance committee and advisor, to guide the club.
  • Only spend money with proper club approval. (A motion, second, and two-thirds passing vote must be included in the meeting minutes. Voting on spending club money must be a countable vote, like raising hands or standing up. The actual count needs to be recorded in the minutes to clearly show the expenditure was properly approved by two-thirds of the members at the meeting).
  • Never mix your own money with club money. Never use club money for your personal needs. Both of these practices are illegal.
  • Keep an accurate record in the treasurer’s book of all income and expenses.
  • Deposit all funds in the bank within a week.
  • Pay all bills promptly as approved by the club.
  • Only pay by check or money order, and have paperwork for all bills paid.
  • Write receipts for all money collected and maintain a copy of receipts in your records.
  • Collect dues (if your club has dues), and keep an accurate record of dues paid.
  • Prepare an accurate treasurer’s report for each meeting and give the secretary a copy of the report to be recorded in the minutes.
  • Serve on the club executive committee.
  • Complete your Treasurer’s Record Book, including the Yearly Financial Summary, prior to an end of the year financial review by the Financial Review Committee.
  • Provide the following information to the Financial Review Committee: Club budget, check register, bank statements, canceled checks and deposit slips, receipts of all income, bills for all expenses and Treasurer’s Record Book
  • Have the Financial Review Committee complete the Financial Review Report.

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