Eduardo Martinez

My Favorite Immigrant

Background On Eduardo Martinez

Eduardo Martinez is currently 38 with three girls and a wife. He used to live Guadalajara, Mexico with his parents and 1 brother and 4 sisters. He is bilingual. He works at protective pact. He is currently working on his citizenship test to become an American Citizen.

The Move!

The move was hard according to Eduardo. The first time he took a bus from Guadalajara to Tijuana and tried crossing the border but got caught. When he got caught he went to jail and all they fed was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that was his first time ever trying it. After he got at a jail he got sent back to Guadalajara. Then the family tried it for a second time a couple months after. They used the same technique and succeed.

Life Living In America.

Living life in America for Eduardo was hard at first because of discrimination, no family, and poverty. Discrimination was a big factor because he was new to America and he did not know half the things that other kid's knew. Also his parents did not know how to speak English, neither did he, so they had to figure it out to get things done in America. In America he had no family and no resources to help him and his small family out. When he came to America his goals were to have a good job, education, and family. He has succeed all of those factors.

Comparing Eduardo Martinez story to The Gilded Age.

Eduardo Martinez story is similar to the Gilded Ages because coming to America was hard and also when he got here people did not except him just like the Nativist did not except the "non-Americans". Also he was poor and he had some language barriers. So his story was vary similar except he sneaked in here without permission unlike the others.