The Athletes Guide to Everything!

By: Dylan Scharping

Career Choice

  • The Career I'm choosing to pursue is with the Railroad.
  • I plan to join the railroad out of Lacrosse and stay living in Cashton for right now.
  • I plan on being with the Train Crew of the Railroad.
  • In this department I would make anywhere from $41,000 to $75,000 a year.
  • I wanna have 4 kids and marry a lovely lady.

Character List

  • Mike Sweeney- a 17 year old boy who is one of the best baseball players in the nation. (dynamic)
  • Jack Pott- also a 17 year old boy who is a really good ball player. (dynamic)
  • Myles Long- an older man who is a retired Train Engineer. (static)

My Book

Plot Summary

  • Exposition: My Book starts off with 2 best friends playing baseball together their names are Mike Sweeney and Jack Pott they are two of the top prospects in the nation at 17 years of age.
  • Rising Action: After playing ball for a few hours they decide to go down to the town diner and grab a shake, once there for awhile they then head out and start walking back to Mike's house, on there way home they hear a loud noise coming from mikes street once they get there they realize that Mike's house is being bulldozed down. Mike then goes running to his parents who are outside watching and finds out that theirs some kind of bypass being built through the town that runs right through their house and apparently they gave the Sweeney's a notice but they had never received it. In frustration Mike takes off running and Jack follows he gets Mike all cooled down.
  • Climax:Then a weird noise comes from the sky only to realize its some weird spaceship they quickly are sucked up by it and cant run away once in the ship they find out they have been taken to some weird planet that know one knows of. The boys are there for a bit and don't find anyone to talk to, they then get sucked into some vortex and land on another planet again where all that's done their is Baseball, Baseball, and more baseball they then run into the planets president only to find out its a kid from one of the teams their high school team plays.
  • Falling Action: Next they run into a guy named Myles Long who used to work for the railroad on the train crew who says the only way back to Earth is on some weird Train called the triple 7 and he tells the boys that hes the only one trained enough to run the train, but tells the boys that theirs no way hes going back to Earth.
  • Resolution: Theirs no way the boys wanna stay away from earth so the boys come up with a plan to convince him to drive them back. Will they succeed? Read the book and find out.
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Book Synopsis

The book is about anything and everything that deals with the railroad and baseball the two boys learn that baseball isn't everything in life and that its really useful to have knowledge in other aspects of life. They get sucked into another world where they know how to do nothing but play baseball, they go through many challenges to try to survive and try to get back to their home planet and learn how to do many things to get by and live.

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