Thanksgiving Cook-Off!


Today was a great day!

This week we put aside part of our regular schedule to partake in a Thanksgiving PBL. A PBL stands for Project Based Learning. Throughout the week, students worked independently and collaboratively to plan a "Thanksgiving Dinner for six," write a recipe using time order words and sequence of events, artistically design a thanksgiving plate, devise and design a cookbook page (coming soon!), and construct an episode of their very own cooking show. It was a fantastic week. I hope that above all they can leave third grade with skills to move on and memories to last a lifetime!

Enjoy the broadcasts!

PS> I apologize for my lack of videography skills and shaky hands. :)

Cherry Dump Salad
Pumpkin (butterscotch) banana pudding
Turkey Pinwheels
Strawberry eclair cake
Fruit and nut cheese spread