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- Issue 24 - April 11, 2016

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Writing Challenge & Writing Homework

I can not tell you how fantastic it was to see how our class took on our March writing challenge. With no incentive other than being challenged, they chose to take the responsibility to write on their own time, even over a school break! Not only did they learn responsibility, but they also learnt to live their life looking for interesting things to write about and grew in their ability to make their posts more easy and interesting to read.

As a class this week, we discussed how to continue the S.O.L. challenge now that March is over. The students decided first, that they would like to continue doing slice of life writing once a week in class. They had so much that they wanted to write about!

They also decided that instead of doing "Writer's Wednesday" homework each week where every student is expected to write that day in their notebook, that instead they would each set goals for how much they want to write each week and they can write in their notebook or post on their blog any day they want that week. They will write their goals in their agenda, and we will track it each Monday at school.

It is very exciting to see as our school year progresses how much responsibility the students are taking for their learning. This was their idea, and it may get revised if it doesn't work - we'll see how it goes!


I truly hope that spring is upon us (fingers crossed). With that said, our playground is full of melting snow, water and puddles, which results in a lot of wet mitts, pants and feet. If you could throw in an extra pair of mitts, socks, and pants into your child's backpack for the next few weeks, this might be helpful until we officially are dry and into spring.

As always, please don't ever hesitate to contact me about anything, at any time.

Have a great week ahead.

Nicole Frederickson

So What Did you Do at School Today ...?

This week, ask your children about:


-Choosing Good Fit Books - What are they currently reading?

- About how many pages they read each day

- Responding to Reading in our Reader's Notebooks each day

- Our new class read aloud: SLOB


- Why is punctuation important?

-Our new writing study on punctuation:

- Choice Project & Sign up for mini-lessons

- Genre (Type) & Form (How it's published)


- Grade 3 - Balancing Equations

- Seeing the equal sign not as the answer, but that both sides need to be the same

- Grade 4 - Decimals into the hundredths using money

- Names & Amount of Coins as decimals $0.25, $0.05


- Saskatchewan Government - Election

- Geography Assignment - Continents, Equator, Hemisphere, Provinces, Provincial Bird, Fish, Animal, Flower, Flag

- Geography Game Show

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

Tuesday, April 12 - Hot Lunch Forms Due

Friday, April 15 - NO SCHOOL for students

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, April 19 - Perogy & Sausage Hot Lunch