LaDaysha's Government

Government Project


  • Located at the bottom of the pacific ocean.
  • originated by my great grandfather who fell in the pacific ocean 70 years ago.
  • we are a traditional economy.
  • we are a dictatorship.
  • We speak Mermaid.
  • our population is 23.4 million
  • we are famous for our wonderful clones of Trevor Jackson, Diggy Simmons, and Jacob Latimore
  • our national animal is dolphins.
  • some of our trading partners are sharks and whales. They Trade their teeth for our magical Marble
  • We trade Marble, golden tailed mermans, and teeth
  • Not a member of the United Nation.


  1. Respect your elders
  2. No touching the clones of Jacob Latimore, Trevor Jackson, or Diggy Simmons. Only LaDaysha Wallace has permission to
  3. Don't leave the air bubble without permission
  4. Fish is only to be ate on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  5. Dolphins are friends NOT FOOD
  6. ONLY the head leader of sharks, DANNY, Is allowed near the bubble. ( he is trustworthy)
  7. People from off of Land are PROHIBITED
  8. NO Other language besides MERMAID can be spoken in Vanity
  9. At the age of 73 you are by law requested to be sent to land to be took care of by professionals
  10. No outdoors after 12 pm

3 current events

  1. Breaking News: Jacob Latimore clone has escaped and is no were to be found. His last where about was near the dolphin wash outside of the air bubble. If anyone seems him or here him singing " Alone " please contact your local Run Away Hotline.
  2. Breaking News: Sharks are surrounding the air bubble each night around 12 each night. This is illegal but are forces can not do anything to stop it. Our security force is to small at this moment. If any men ( or women ) are interested in joining our force to protect or community please contact Deputy Dee Duggly.
  3. Breaking News: Shrimp are very aggressive around this time. The are swimming underneath the air bubble and landing in the miniature swimming pool. they are attacking the children and using profanity towards the parents. If you see any shrimp in the pool please report them to Chief Alex.

National Anthem
Boss - Fifth Harmony (HQ LYRICS)
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