Hot Air Balloon Project

By Ricky Guevara & Anthony Carroll

At a Texas balloon race, the balloon in first place was sighted at 800 feet. The person over the intercom said it was slowly descending to the ground at a rate of 20 feet per. min.

Question One

The function that fist this situation is f(x)= 800 - 20x.

Question Two

Here is a table showing the balloons altitude at several different points:

P.S. If your wondering I put -5 in the graph to represent 5 minuets before the balloon was sighted.

Refer to the graph on the google doc for all questions

Question Three

Five minuets before the people saw that same balloon it was at 900 ft. and as i stated before I put -5 in the graph to represent 5 minuets before the balloon was sighted.

Question Four

It would take the balloon 1 minuets to get to 20 feet in the air. To land from it top altitude it will take the balloon 40 minuets

Question Five

Five A:

The function to represent the situation is f(x)= 1200 - 20x

Five B:

So the first balloon will land 20 minuets before the second. The separation is 40 min. to 60 min.

Five C:

Since balloon two was spotted higher at 1200 and has the same decent rate as balloon one witch was spotted lower at 800, then of course the second balloon would end.

Question Six

Six A:

The Function the represents balloon threes situation is f(x)=800 - 30x

Six B:

The third balloon is going to end 13 minuets earlier then the first because it is decreasing 10 feet faster a minuet.

Six C:

Both balloon One and three have the same staring point but since the third balloon is descending at a fasters rate of 30 ft. per minuet it lands faster.

Question Seven

Seven A:

The function that works for this is f(x)=0 + 30x

Seven B:

The First and fourth balloon will be at the same hight 480 feet off the ground, and in 16 minuets.

Seven C:

Graphically this means that at that point the balloons are tied and not different in any way.

Question Eight

Eight A:

It would have to begin it decent at 1200 feet.

Eight B:

The function that fits this situation is f(x)=1200 - 30x