Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room F7!

Dates to Remember

*Friday, December 7 - Gecko Run!! (More info below)

*Friday, December 18- College Gear Day

*Friday, December 18 - Class Holiday Party

*December 21- January 1- Winter Break

*Monday, January 18- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School

Upcoming Birthdays

December 8 - Megan

December 19- Tyler

January 4- Gopal

January 27 - Harman

Scrabble Tiles Needed!

Our latest Word Work activity that the kids LOVE is all about making current words from our phonics study and making them with Scrabble tiles. The kids then add up their numbers and the person with the most numbers "wins" that round. Ms. Weidetz has been so gracious in lending me Scabble tiles under we get some of our own for our classroom. If anyone has any extra Scrabble tiles at home that you do not use anymore, please consider donating them to our classroom for a fun Word Work activity.

Mystery Reader Needed!

Come one, come all to be our Mystery Reader this coming Friday, December 11th! I am so thankful for all of the family members who have volunteered their time to come and be our guest of honor. Please consider signing up for this coming Friday! It does not take up very much time, and the kids LOVE it.

Here's how it works: Come to the classroom at 3:05 this Friday afternoon (or a different time if that time does not work for you) with your favorite book from home, or let me choose a book from the classroom for you! The book can be holiday themed, or it can be a favorite between you and your child. The kids receive hints about the reader, and finally their identity is revealed. They are ALWAYS so excited!

Please follow the link to sign up to be our Mystery Reader for this Friday! We also need some readers for January as well :)

Click here to sign up to be our Mystery Reader!

Gecko Run!

I am SO excited for this coming Friday, December 11th! It is our annual Gecko Run! Our team color is on Friday, please have your child dress up in purple! It can be head to toe purple with crazy accessories...or just a purple shirt. Our run will start at 9:15 on the black top. I will be running with the students :)

Thank you to parents who have turned in their money from fundraising...if you have not already turned it in, please turn in your money by tomorrow, December 8th!

I am so excited for this run-- all the money raised goes back into our school to help provide fun, engaging learning opportunities for all students! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Weekly Curriculum Update


Foundational- Cubs will be studying the suffix -s for the next two weeks. It is important for them to recognize the suffix (ending) and the baseword so that they can decode words with the suffix -s in connected text. They will be learning how to separate the baseword from the suffix and spell the baseword, then add the suffix at the end.

Bears will be learning about glued sound endings for the next two weeks. We will be learning about /ng/ endings this week (ANG,ING,ONG,UNG) and the /nk/ endings next week (ANK, INK, ONK, UNK)

Literature-We will be continuing to learn about retelling a story and the components of a good retell. We will be covering characters, setting, main events, main idea and problem/solution.

Math-Cubs will be working on tens frames and recognizing groups of numbers by tens and ones. They will also be revisiting shapes and comparing sizes of objects.

Bears will be beginning to take a look into mixed addition and subtraction story problems. Students need to be able to identify what kind of problem it is and use strategies to solve it. We will also be introducing place value again and how it helps us to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Writing- For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on adding details to make our stories come to life for the reader. We will also be focusing on punctuation and whether or not our story makes sense.

Social Studies-I am so excited about our study of diversity and culture this month with our Holidays Around the World unit. We will be "traveling" to 9 different countries to study their culture, and learn about a holiday from that culture and how they celebrate. We will deepen our understanding of the diversity in the world and in our classroom over the next few months.