Tips for the Holiday Season

Don't Blow It

Don't Blow It: How to save your money

  1. Spend only what you can afford

  • only use your credit card when you know if you can pay the expenses off in that month

  1. Keep your balance low, or pay it off completely

  • balance: amount you don’t pay off

  • companies charge 10%-20% of balance (called interest) every month

  • if you don’t pay your bills on time your interest will add up

  1. Pay your bills on time

  • if you’re late on a payment you’ll be charged a late fee

  • will increase your interest

  1. Pay more than the due

  • over time your interest will add up, making pay more than you would be

  1. Do not take out cash advances

  • once you take out the money your interest will add up

  1. Keep reviewing your monthly statement

  • check monthly bill for errors

  1. Always monitor your credit reports

  • check report for errors and incorrect info.

How do I Save?

  • Plan when your item will go on sale

  • Make a shopping list

  • Only bring the amount of cash you need

  • Compare prices of a desired item from store to store

  • Find cheaper deals online

  • Shop out of season

  • Save your receipts