Here is Haywood County, NC

County Seat: Waynesville

A Little Bit About Haywood

Haywood county was founded in 1808 in the mountainous region of North Carolina. It was named after John Haywood, who was the NC state treasurer from 1787 to 1827.

Its also known that the last shot of the civil war, east of the Mississippi, was shot in Waynesville on May 9th, 1865.

County / County Seat Info.

There are five members on the town council of the county seat(Waynesville); The Mayor Gavin A. Brown & Mayor Pro Tem. Gary Caldwell. The other three are the Alderman; Julia B. Freeman, Jon Feichter, LeRoy S. Roberson. Gavin Brown is also the town manager.

The County Board of Commissioners (Haywood) also has five members; The Chairman Mark S. Swanger and The Vice Chairman J.W. Kirkpatrick III. Then the Commissioners; L. Kevin Ensley, Michael T. Sorrells, and Bill L. Upton. The County Manager is Ira Dove.

Natural Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

Haywood County is known for many things, but they're natural landmarks & tourist attractions are the most known (aside from the historical nature of Waynesville).

The two most popular natural landmarks are the Great Smoky Mountains (right) and the Cataloochee (bottom left). For tourist attractions, they have Ghost Town Village (center bottom) & The Chimney Tops (bottom right). For Waynesville, they have the ever popular, Town of Waynesville Art Walk