Crookedstar's Promise

The Review by Dhruv Setty

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What lies Inside... "THE PERILOUS PROMISE"

Although I have many favorite books, I think the most fascinating, amazing book that I think you should read is Warriors: Crookedstar's Promise.

The main character is a young tom cat named Crookedstar. He is a young, brave, loyal warrior and leader of Riverclan (one of the four clans that live in the wild).

The main problem that the main character is facing is that he made a harmless, hastily made promise many moons (cat years) ago to an evil Dark forest (dark, gloomy place where cold-hearted cats remain after they die) cat named Mapleshade. Ever since he made that promise, destruction and devastation fell over the young tom.

Some awesome details in the book were when Crookedstar had a major accident and broke his jaw when he was just a little kitten. Another important detail from the book was when Crookedstar found out that Mapleshade was a Dark forest cat instead of a Starclan cat ( a heaven-like place to cats, cats that have done good deeds or cats with kind hearts go to this wonderful place when they die), this made Crookedstar angry. The final most important detail from the book was when Crookedstar became leader and received his nine lives by Starclan. My favorite part of the book was when Crookedstar received his nine lives because he connects with his most closest friends and family that passed away. It makes me feel joyous because Crookedstar isn't alone and he meets some of his good friends and his wonderful family. I recommend this book because it brings you into the action and into the story. This book is very good for time pass. Now that Crookedstar has become leader, what might happen next in this young cat's wonderful life?


Customer Reviews on

"If you miss the good old days of Warriors where cats didn't have superpowers and StarClan was mysterious, but want something more current like the Dark Forest, then you will absolutely love Crookedstar's Promise."


"This book is so amazingly well written. I cried multiple times because I felt so bad for the pain Crookedstar had to's so extremely amazing that I don't even know how to explain it. YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be reading it again. It's wonderful!"

-Julia Winkler

"This book was amazing. Easily my favorite Warriors book. It's also the sadiest. At one part I was in the car with a couple of friends, and one of them asked me why I was sobbing!"


"I really enjoyed this book! Whats awesome about it is if you have read Bluestar's prophecy you know that there are some parts with Bluefur and Crookedjaw. In this book you see things from Crookedjaw's perspective not Bluefur. That's really cool and I recommend this book!!!!!!"

- A Kid's Review


This book can unleash your feelings and emotions at every turn of a page! When I read this book it really lets your feelings come out. Mostly tears came out of my eyes because there were many sad parts in the story. There are also many happy moments that bring tears of joy. I still wonder how Crookedstar became leader, a strong, young warrior and a joyful cat because of all the pain and doom that he went through. How would you feel if your mother abandoned you and set you aside just because of one, tiny mistake?
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Crookedstar's Promise was originally published on July 5, 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers in New York City. The author of this book is New York Times bestselling author Erin Hunter, Erin Hunter is the author of the New York Times bestselling series Warriors, Warriors: The New Prophecy, and Warriors: Omen of the stars. She also wrote many Warriors Super Edition books, Super Editions focus on the lives of many known warrior cats. Crookedstar's Promise is one of Erin Hunter's super editions wrote to tell you about a particular cat's life. This book is one of the many successful books that Erin Hunter. This book has 4.8 out of 5 stars and is a very fascinating book.

Fun Fact!

Erin Hunter is not one, but six experienced children's book authors. She is Victoria Holmes, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, Tui Sutherland, Gillian Philip, and Inbali Iserles. What they have in common is that they are all animal lovers!