Apple Mail Backup Program

Are you an Apple user with Gmail client for managing mails? Find out how to protect Gmail and any other Apple mail account

Are you using an Apple mail program and always worrying if you’ll find all your emails intact the next time you come back? This is a usual feeling amongst users who care about their emails and have in them all kinds of business and personal communication.

The software development company InventPure is well aware of the needs of Mac users and that’s why they’ve developed Mail Backup X to assist you in backing up Gmail, Apple Mail and other popular mail clients.

Mail Backup X can backup and restore mails from Gmail, Apple Mail and other platforms with IMAP service

If your platform is set up for IMAP protocol, you can use Mail Backup X to safeguard files. Offline mail clients like Apple Mail, Postbox, Thunderbird, Outlook for Mac are compatible with Mail Backup X as well as offline programs like Yahoo and Gmail.

You are offered different storage locations with Mail Backup X

You may want to store the mail backup on your local Mac disks so you can reach them in one click. To do it, you’ll just need to set up Distributed backup and leave it to the app to do its job.

Mail Backup X can sync with an external device like a USB drive or a hard disk drive so you get to copy all files from Apple Mail or Gmail directly on that device. Also, integration with a FTP client is available, and it ensures endless protection on a remote server storage unit.

But, if you prefer having the backup online for easier accessibility from any machine, you can link Mail Backup X with accounts on Dropbox or iCloud and send files there.

Backup Apple Gmail and restore it in any mail format

Mail Backup X is compatible with MBOX, RGE, PST, EMLX, EML, OLM and all other formats produced by the popular mail clients. This is a great functionality because you get a conversion tool with the backup tool. With Mail Backup X you can move all the data from Gmail, Apple Mail to any other client in no time.