World Geography


There are 8 categories I've come up with

- economic levels of activity

- genocide

- trade with other countries

- European union

- Cold War

- geopolitics

- types of economies

- economic geography

Economic levels of activity

  • Primary - raw materials
  • Secondary- industry (manufacturing)
  • Tertiary- buisness and professional

  • Quaternary- informations and intellectual
  • Quinary- highest level of decision making (ie; someone in office)


  • sanction- punishment for disobeying the law
  • diversity- varying opinions, religious and political views, sexual orientation, heritage, racial and ethnic backgrounds. (These could be used against someone in the face of genocide)
  • genocide- a deliberate killing of one group of people

Trade with outside countries

  • Outsourcing- supplies from other countries
  • tariff- tax on imported and export goods
  • globalization- interaction of different countries buying and selling goods

European Union

  • European Union- common currency and market across the countries in Europe
  • E.U- the acynm for European union
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Cold War

  • Truman Doctrine- when the ussr pressured Greece and turkey to turn communist and the U.S. Promised to protect them with military and economic help if they were threatened.
  • Marshall Plan- 13 billion billion dollars to rebuild
  • Cold War- communism vs. capitalism
  • NATO- North Atlantic treaty organization
  • United Nations- republic of China. France,soviet union, United Kingdom and the united states.


  • democracy- citizens hold power
  • dictatorship- seize power. Individual or military group
  • Monarchy- oldest form of government
  • Stateless nation- ethnic or religious group that are not the majority population in any nation state

Types of Economies

  • infrastructure- consists of the basic support systems needed to keep an economy going, including power, communications, transportation, water, sanitation and educational systems.
  • Subsistence agriculture- people are the ones who do the work (not machines)
  • Traditional economy's traditional custums/beliefs shape the economy
  • Free enterprise/Capitalist- private buisness operates in compition and largely free state of control
  • Mixed economy- both comman and market
  • Command economy- governance controls the productions
  • GDP- Gross Domestic Product

Economic Geography

  • NAFTA- North American free trade agreement
  • OPEC- organization of the petroleum exporting countries