How Countries Are Involved

ISIS demanding release of a convicted terrorist

Appears to be that ISIS have beheaded one of its Japanese hostages and are demanding the release of a convicted terrorist, who was involved in a series of bombings in 2005, in Jordan to save the other.


Representatives and international organizations including the U.S., Russia, and China, meet up in Paris to discuss the crisis when ISIS overran large areas of Iraq and Syria.

Gathering of the Representatives

U.S. First Strike

First strike of the U.S. attack on Baghdad, destroyed sis ISIS vehicles near Sinjar and an ISIS fighting position that had been firing on Iraqi forces.

My Thoughts About ISIS

ISIS has been terrorizing many people and families for a long time now and i believe they should be stopped. They have brought many fears to families who have had there experiences with them. Countries are starting to get more involved into stopping and preventing any more harm from happening because of the Islamic State.

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