Internet Safety and Cyberbullying

Why is it important to be safe on the internet?

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Internet Safety for Kids K-3

Internet Safety Tips for Kids

These safety tips from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are more that helpful for elementary school teachers. This website is interactive with games and fun activities that will help children of all ages understand the importance of internet safety. One thing I really liked about this website was the different scenarios it gave for inappropriate internet situations children might encounter. It is important that they know how to handle different situations for their safety and this brought real life examples to them.
Surf the Web - kids music about internet safety
Cyber Bullying
Stand Up to Cyberbullying

STOP Cyberbullying

The STOP Cyberbullying website is something I can see myself using in my classroom someday. It is extremely information for kids and has many different activities for them to utilize. There is a quiz they can take to see if they are considered a "cyberbully" and tells them how to stop and what they are doing wrong. It explains the importance of stopping cyberbullying because of the horrible outcomes it can lead to.
Cyber bullying