Francisco Pizarro

By: Madison Weisinger

Francisco Pizarro Bio

Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. Born in Trujillo, Spain in 1476. Pizarro served as a soldier on the 1513 expedition of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, during which he discovered the Pacific Ocean. After the expedition with Nunez, the rest of his voyages were the result of his craving for more wealth and excitement. Pizarro formed a partnership with Diego de Almagro and they travelled to Peru in 1526. After conquering Peru, he founded its capital city, Lima, where he died, in 1541.

Routes Taken by Francisco Pizarro

The first time Pizarro left Spain in 1509, he accompanied a voyage to Panama, which was being used as a Spanish base for explorations into South America. He then headed to the Gulf of Uraba off South America's northern coast and reached as far as Cartagena, Columbia.

Amazing Facts

He relied greatly upon his brothers, he backstabbed his partner, Almagro. Pizarro was assassinated by one of Almagro's followers. The people of Peru did not think highly of Pizarro. He became very rich, but was born with nothing.


  • Cruel
  • Strategic
  • Daring
  • Ambitious
  • Persistent
  • Greedy
  • Lucky
  • Selfish
  • Resourceful

Pizarro's Accomplishments, Discoveries & Years of Explorations

  • In 1509 Francisco Pizarro sailed on the expedition that founded the city of San Sebastian.
  • In 1513 Pizarro joined the expedition of Nunez de Balboa and discovered the Pacific Ocean.
  • in 1515, while traveling with Nunez, Pizarro met and traded with the natives of the new lands.
  • in 1520, Francisco went on another expedition and helped discover what would become Costa Rica.
  • In 1522, he was funded for his very first expedition, he sailed just south of Panama, where he found a small amount of gold.
  • in 1528, Pizarro was given more funding because of his finding of gold. He travelled with Diego de Almagro. They discovered the land of Peru.
  • 1530, Pizarro took another expedition to Peru, with his 3 half-brothers, where he claimed the land for Spain
  • In 1533, Francisco became greedy for power and killed the incas after they paid their ransom,the same year he founded the capital of Peru, Lima.