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It has been a great few weeks!

This truly has been an exciting few weeks to teach the the landscape of Businesses and basic principles of Economics and show you how it is living and breathing in the world today! Thank you for hanging in there with me and working on connecting all the pieces :)
  • We will complete the unit and have our Unit 1 exam on Friday and Monday in class. The Unit 1 exam will cover everything Business Organizations, Market Structures, Module 1, 3 and 4 and we will follow up with learning how to FRQ/graphing in our next class period. It is an exam that focuses on the modules but don't forget the foundation of those concepts that come from Business Organizations and Market Structures.

Please make sure that, if all possible, you are in class because make up is timely and the grades don't tend to fair as well the longer we put off the exam.

I have been absent!

That is ok! If you have kept up with the reading you should be in good shape. I am also adding, below, flipped videos that will help you on all of the concepts missed. Watch the videos and fill in the notes in your binder.

There are also practice problems in your binder that will help with further understanding. As well as the independent study documents on the learning hub.

I will have tutorials Thursday and Monday morning at 8:25 and will be available during flex .

What if I missed quiz day?

Be prepared to take the exam and we will schedule your quiz make up to follow in the next day or two.

Scarcity and Opportunity Cost

Episode 2: Scarcity and Choice

Factors of Production

Episode 3: Resources

Production Possibilities Curve

Production Possibilities Curve- Econ 1.1
Shifting the Production Possibilities Curve (PPC)- Econ 1.2

Economic Systems

Economic Systems and Macroeconomics: Crash Course Economics #3

Specialization and Trade

Episode 35: Why do countries restrict trade?
Specialization and Trade: Crash Course Economics #2

Absolute and Comparative Advantage

Episode 34: Comparative Advantage & Trade

Wrapping up the Unit

What can you do to be prepared?

1. If there are any confusing topics: Watch the videos on this page and come see me in tutorials. PRACTICE PROBLEMS!!!!!

2. Complete your review in your Survival Guide. All vocabulary terms and learning targets completed and turned in prior to the exam, will give you a 10 point extra credit on your earned exam score!

Don't forget the Learning Hub!

Remember your learning hub also has power point slides :)