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Saying Goodbye

Wrapping up!

In a month, our last child, Sierra will be graduating from high school and moving to Canada. After that we too will be "graduating...You can now call us the "Blessed-Nesters"!

Today, we are thanking God for 15 years of his amazing faithfulness to us in ministry in Thailand. Can we just list a few of the "biggies" for you?

1. For the gift of sending all four of our children to International School.

Thank you, Lord.

2. For protecting our children on their long journey back and forth to school on dangerous roads every day.

Thank you, Lord.

3. For fantastic friends, short term teams and "uncles and Aunties" who have adopted our children and loved them like family.

Thank you, Lord.

4. For the gift of witnessing the radical transformation from Buddhism to faith in Jesus Christ modelled to our children by Thai and Myanmar believers. Jesus is alive!

Thank you, Lord.

But that's not everyone who is graduating…

1. Really, our Thai churches are "graduating" too! We are so thankful for Pastor Naat, her integrity and her exponential growth as a leader and church planter over the last 7 years.

Did you know?... we will have completely exited from Thai church planting ministry by June 2016.

We strongly believe that Pastor Naat has been empowered and equipped to raise up national leaders, grow her church planting team and even help to train new missionaries on the field.

We are excited to be able to cheer on Pastor Naat and her team as they plant their third church among Buddhists in Chonburi and Chachoengsao!

What are Dave and Louise "graduating" to?

With opportunities to plant Burmese churches exploding all over the place in Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Bangkok and with the doors of democracy opening wide in Myanmar, we are excited to finally have the opportunity in January 2017 to study the Burmese language in Myanmar.

The task before us will be to build up a Myanmar church planting team.

Our other task is to grow a new missionary team who will invest in the language and help resource our national evangelists and plant more churches among Myanmar people in Thailand and Myanmar!!

We will be back in Canada from August to December, travelling to a church near you!

We require $25,000 to meet our budget for the year

Please pray for us with the many challenges and opportunities we face Please pray about giving to MB Mission to our personal project C0113.

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