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February 10, 2023

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**Reminder: Attendance Line**

  • Davis: CALL 331-228-2200

  • Richmond: CALL 331-228-2800

  • Leave messages 24 hours a day

  • Give reason for child's absence & clearly speak student’s name & grade/teacher

  • Call every time your child is absent or is more than 45 min. late

  • Exceptions: when you have submitted a prearranged absence form (required for all absences that are not medical (ill/appointments/mental health), bereavement, or religious)

  • Call early in the day with changes to dismissal routine


News from the Nurse


This is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (white part of eye) that can be a viral or bacterial infection. Pink eye that is caused by a viral or bacterial infection can easily be spread from one person to another through discharges from the eyes or from contaminated articles.

Symptoms are…

  • Crusting on the eyelids

  • Pus-like drainage – especially upon awakening

  • Reddened conjunctiva (lining of the eye), particularly the lower lid

  • Possible sensitivity to light

  • Itching and/or burning of eyes

  • Watery to thick drainage along with tearing (whereas the eyes look wet)

Symptoms usually occur within 24-72 hours after exposure of infected person or articles such as toys, pencils, clothing, towels etc.


  • Avoid rubbing and touching eyes

  • Monitor other children at home; do not share towels etc.; change pillowcases

  • Good hygiene assists with limiting the spread – good handwashing, keeping nails trimmed and clean

Children should see the doctor, and have at least 3 doses of eye drops before returning to school

(advised before school, after school and bedtime). If heavy discharge is present, please keep your child home until that is better.

Before administering medications…

  1. Cleanse the eye with a warm cotton ball or washcloth, wiping from inner portion to outer portion. Use separate ones for each eye then discard and wash your hands.

  2. Administer the eye drops by pulling down the lower lid toward the outer corner. This area can only hold up to 2 drops so please do not overdue. More is not necessarily better! Please wash your hands again.

If at any time you have questions/concerns, please call the health office and we are happy to help you.

Davis: Nurse Peggy 331-228-2204

Richmond: Nurse Jenny 331-228-2804

Chapped Lips Reminder:

  • We are seeing a lot of children with severely chapped lips here at school. Chapstick or Vaseline applied before going outside is a great way to protect lips from getting chapped and bleeding. This can become very uncomfortable for the students.

  • If you send Chapstick, Vaseline or lotion to school with your child, please make sure it is labeled with your child's name and the container is a small, travel-sized one.

  • Areas around the nose and mouth from blowing their noses can become red and sore. Vaseline at bedtime to soothe the area will help. Lotion should be unscented as the perfumes may cause stinging. I use Curel here in the health office and it works well for the students.

District News


PTO Meeting Thursday, Feb 16 at 7:00PM

Join us on Thursday, February 16th at 7:00pm at Richmond. Agenda items include Dance Fit challenge fundraiser, talent show and teacher appreciation week. Please enter at Door #14 at Richmond, which is located at 300 South 12th St. The meeting will be held in the LRC and is open to all Davis Richmond parent/guardians. See how you can offer your time, talent or tender!

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Dance Fit Challenge

Davis Richmond School families!

We are excited to kick off our Davis Richmond Dance Fit on 02/28/2023. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for additional educational experiences (ex: field trips & author visits) and to strengthen our school community.

Our school has always relied on fundraising to provide exceptional opportunities to enhance student learning and we need YOUR HELP registering your student(s) and sharing with friends and family.

Mark your calendars for the Davis Richmond Dance Fit fundraiser kicking off soon!

Key dates to remember:



● Davis Richmond Dance Fit Kick Off - 02/28/2023

● Event Days - 3/9 (Davis) & 3/10 (Richmond)

We are grateful for our Davis Richmond School family! Thank you for your support this year.

Fundraising Update

The PTO would like to thank families for participating in our fundraising opportunities throughout the year. So far the money we have earned has provided items for students, teachers and staff. Attending monthly meetings is a great way to learn about all the ways we partner with the school to provide a caring and fun learning environment for students. Here is what you have helped to fund so far:

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Yearbook Photos

With winter concerts and classroom parties happening, please share your photos for yearbook consideration. Send them to dryearbook2022@gmail.com

Davis Primary

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Davis Parents: Click HERE for 5essentials Parent Survey

We hope ALL Davis parent/guardians will participate and help us understand the conditions at Davis to guide improvement. All responses are confidential and will never be connected to you or your child. Thank You!

5-Essentials Parent Survey

Dear Davis Parents and Guardians,

The 5essentials Parent Survey is open through March 31. All responses are confidential and will never be connected to you or your child. To take the survey, visit survey.5-essentials.org/Illinois and select the parent survey. A supplement report will be generated if at least 20 percent of Davis parents complete the survey, so please help us to reach that goal!

Thank you for your participation to help us understand the conditions at Davis to guide improvement.

Gina Shaw


February- Time Management/RAOK

Executive function refers to a set of essential skills that help us focus, plan, prioritize, work toward goals, self-regulate behaviors and emotions, adapt to new and unexpected situations, and ultimately engage in abstract thinking, planning and learning. Executive function is what gets us down to business even when we'd rather just hang out and do. This month Davis is focusing on the executive functioning skill of time management. This means we will be teaching students about the process of organizing and planning how to divide their time between different activities. A great way to explain time management is the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” Time management also includes staying on track and allocating enough time to get different tasks done before a deadline. Some things you can do at home to work on time management with your child are; teach your child to make a priority (this way they know what they need to spend their time on), encourage them not to multitask (focus on one activity at a time), and set a visual timer in your house (this helps your child understand how much time is left by using a visual marker).

First Grade Publishing Party!

Our budding first grade authors shared their amazing animal research books with each other on Thursday. They worked so hard researching, writing, editing, illustrating, and publishing their animal books. Many of our students are reading their stories and Mrs. Bradley is videotaping it to share with families.

Clay Time in Art with Mr. Lundquist

Our students have been very busy creating beautiful clay pieces in art. The owls and snails are now prominently displayed so everyone can enjoy them.

Watch DOGS Needed

We are grateful for all of the men who have volunteered on Fridays to spend lunch and recess with our students by being "Watch DOGS." However, there are still a few Fridays open during Feb, March and April that have no one signed up to volunteer. Please read over this information and sign up for WatchDOGS!! Men who have already volunteered this fall, are now welcome to sign up for a 2nd date HERE. THANK YOU!!

Richmond Intermediate

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Empower Invitation! - February 17th

You are invited to our Empower arcade, city installation and FLEX showcase on Friday February 17th. Please read the Empower Newsletter for more information.

Student Help Needed for Empower:

On Thursday, February 16th, Mrs. Dixon will need some help after school setting up for Friday. If your Richmond student would like to stay and help, please fill out the permission form found here. Students will need to be picked up from the front of the school at 5 pm.

Arcade Prize Donations Request for Empower:

We are looking for donations that can be used as prizes in the arcade. If you have any pencils, erasers, trinkets, etc. we would love to have them. These could include gently used items that your own children may have outgrown. We're looking for small stuffies, fidgets, stickers, etc., any small items that kids might like. If you have anything you are willing to donate, please send to the Empower room by Thursday, 2/16.
Richmond Parents: CLICK for 5essentials Parent Survey

We hope ALL Richmond parent/guardians will participate and help us understand the conditions at Richmond to guide improvement. All responses are confidential and will never be connected to you or your child. Thank You!

5-essentials Student & Parent Survey

Dear Richmond Parents and Guardians,

I’m writing to inform you that beginning March 6, District 303 students in grades 4-12 will be provided with the 5essentials survey, which is also available for teachers and parents to complete. On behalf of the Illinois State Board of Education, the Illinois 5Essentials Survey will be administered online by UChicago Impact at the University of Chicago. The survey gathers data related to five indicators that can predict important student outcomes, including improved attendance and larger test score gains. These five indicators are:

  • Effective Leaders

  • Collaborative Teachers

  • Involved Families

  • Supportive Environments

  • Ambitious Instruction

Research shows schools that are strong on at least three of these indicators were 10 times more likely to improve student learning in math and reading. 5Essentials Reports will be generated for schools if there is more than 50 percent participation from their teachers and/or students. These reports will be sent to schools and districts in May and will also be included in the State School Report Card. For more information on the 5essentials survey and to review sample questions, visit the District 303 Feedback and Surveys page.

The 5essentials Parent Survey is open through March 31. All responses are confidential and will never be connected to you or your child. To take the survey, visit survey.5-essentials.org/Illinois and select the parent survey. A supplement report will also be generated if at least 20 percent of Richmond parents complete the survey.

Thank you for your participation to help us understand the conditions at Richmond to guide improvement.

Lisa Simoncelli-Bulak


Guest Readers Needed

Our parent engagement committee is excited to offer an exciting parent engagement opportunity. During the month of February, we will invite guest readers into classrooms to read a book that pertains to Black History month. For a list of possible books please click HERE. If you have another title you are interested in reading, please e-mail your book idea to our LRC director at christine.heins@d303.org to see if it can be added to our list.

There are two options for reading. Option one is to come in person and read the book to the class at the date and time that your child's teacher picked. If you are not able to make it in person at any of the dates and times, option two is to sign up for a time slot, but record yourself reading the book instead using an app called Flip (formerly called Flipgrid). The teacher will then show your video during that date and time.

To sign up we will use Sign Up Genius. Please note, you do need to create a FREE account if you do not have one in order to sign up. To sign up for a slot, please click HERE. You will be prompted to provide the name of the book you will read, and also to indicate whether you'll be coming in person or reading virtually.

If you are reading virtually via Flip, please click HERE to get started. If you need technical assistance, please email LRC Director Christy Heins at christine.heins@d303.org.


Fifth-grade classes will be attending the Human Growth and development presentation on Friday, February, 24. The presentation consists of a narrated PowerPoint, including a short video, and time to submit questions. The school nurses will review the questions and return answers to students within the week. Boys and girls programs are similar in content but will be presented and facilitated separately. A letter will be sent to 5th-grade parents with more details via their classroom e-news. As a parent, you have the right to request that your child not participate in this presentation. If after reviewing the information you would prefer your child not participate, please submit a written letter to the principal by February 17, 2022, at lisa.simoncelli-bulak@d303.org. If you have any questions about the presentation you may contact your building Certified School Nurse, leeanna.anzladi@d303.org, or (331) 228-6681.


Announcing Fiddle Fest 2023 Friday, March 3rd

Calling all fiddlers and lovers of folk music! It’s time for the 16th annual Fiddle Fest following a two year break. All advanced orchestra students, elementary through high school and beyond, can participate! Parents, teachers, older siblings, grandparents and community members who play guitar, banjo, mandolin or a string instrument are welcome! We guarantee you’ll have a great time! If you are interested in playing and need music, please contact your child’s orchestra director, or email Rita.Borkowski@d303.org

Click Fiddle Fest 2023 Online Registration to sign up. All performers must register so we can adequately plan for this huge event. The final deadline to register is Thursday, Feb 23rd.

Fiddle Fest is Friday, March 3rd. Performance begins at 7:00 pm.

  • Place: North High School Gym 255 Redgate Rd, St. Charles, 60175
  • Dress Rehearsal: 5:00 – 6:00 pm All performers participating must attend!
  • Pizza Dinner: available for participants / volunteers for $5.00 following rehearsal.


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D303 Community Backpack

Check out these local groups with exciting opportunities for D303 children.