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Bounce Back bc program

Bounce Back is an evidence-based program designed to help adults experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate depression, low mood, or stress, with or without anxiety.

Creating community based self-help strategies to improve the mental health of British Columbians. Watch the video clip on CKPG news below.

Call 1-866-639-0522 (toll-free)


Bounce Back on CKPG News


All of us need to feel appreciated every now and again. Why not tell your colleagues all the great things they are doing? Below is a WOW! Notebook that was created to boost morale and give each other a pat on the back.

When a staff member receives the notebook, they read the wonderful message that someone wrote for them. They, in turn, write a note to another staff member to encourage, give a boost, or to just say how much they are appreciated. At the bottom of the page they write, "Don't forget to pass it on....."

How awesome is it to receive an unexpected kind note?! Now go out there and spread the love! http://hanselorthecounselor.blogspot.ca/2013/03/wow.html?m=1

Create a wall of gratitude

How to take this break

Put up a message board where people can add a note about what they are grateful for with respect to a direct report or co-worker.

Why this counts - Calming

People who take time every day to think about the things they are grateful for may be generally happier overall.

Go to Workplace Strategies for Mental Health for more ideas, tools and resources to help with the prevention, intervention and management of workplace mental health issues.

Ideas for this activity were contributed by

Return to Work & Wellness Coordinator, District of West Vancouver.

check out the variety of services at our employee and family assistance program

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below is an online repository and conversation place for mental health in Canada

linda campbell

student support services

lots of sel resources for educators on the pinterest site http://www.pinterest.com/lindacounsellor/educators/

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