Race Relations in America

Written By CJ Williams

Slavery In America

Slavery has been around for a while. Slavery used to not be based on color. it used to be the Prisoners Of War of countries. America had then found the Africans, who would take other Africans and sell them to the Europeans for guns and other items that were needed. The Europeans would then bring the Africans to the New World to help begin this extension for Europe.

This trade was called the Triangular Trade. It allowed for Africa, Europe, and America to get benefited, rather that be with arms, money, or free help. The way the slaves were transported from Africa to the newly created America was through these ships called slave ships. These harsh conditions caused many of the newly acclaimed slaves to die from diseases, starvation, or dehydration

When slaves came to America on the slave ships, their conditions did not get that much better. They had just a few hours of sleep before a hard day's work. They did not get that much food. Their beds were practically just a piece of wood. There are two different types of slaves. House slaves and field slaves. The house slaves worked inside the house, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and doing jobs like that. The field slaves picked cotton or harvested what other crops the plantations owners had. If the slaves were talking or not working, the overseer would come and punish them. The punishment was being whipped on the back. When not working, the slaves were allowed to marry and have children to keep the morale up. But most slaves were not allowed to attend church and attend school.

Slavery did not end until the U.S. Constitution got a new amendment, the 13th Amendment, which was in 1865. Lincoln had hated slavery. He almost lost the election because he wanted to abolish slavery. But Lincoln's main goal when he became the President was to keep the country together. But after the Civil War broke out, Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. The war was for South to keep their independence, but Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation to turn the war back into a way for the slaves to be free.

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Plan To Improve Race Relations

There is still racial tensions in America today. This causes problems within school districts, with jobs, housing, and police. Within school districts, a teacher may become biased based on if they feel as if that skin color is more superior then the other. The employer, for jobs, may see that a certain skin color is not as suited to do a job, while another one is. An owner of a house or apartment may think that a certain race cannot pay the bills, and therefore won't allow them to move in and rent their place. The police may become biased and arrest a race over another, whether that is the person who got arrested did anything wrong.

Slavery has contributed to these racial tensions. With our country once supporting slavery, I believe that it is hard to forget that. Slavery has not only killed many people, but it has also come to people thinking that African-Americans should still be slaves. With people thinking that African-Americans should be slaves, it causes the person think that their race is more superior. Which then leads to racial biased, and then it leads to people thinking wrongly of another race.

An idea to help remove the racial tension is to have kids in every grade level, K-12 and people in their first year of college, to take a survey to see if work needs to be done to improve attitudes. With the results of the survey, we could go with another idea based on the grade level. With kids in elementary school, have them go to a class that explains why all races are equal and how that they don't have to discriminant each other. For middle schools, they can have Skype pen pals that they can write to. High schools can have a new extra-curricular club that can talk about more ideas to help eliminate the race biased. For people in college, they can add an extra college class.

The Civil War

The Civil War was one of America's bloodiest wars. This was because it was America versus America. The Southern states, which included Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South and North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee, wanted to keep their slaves while the North does not want any part of America to have slaves.

The war had lasted four years. The North had a plan called the "Anaconda Plan," this plan included a few different steps. In the third year of the war, Lincoln had made the Emancipation Proclamation to turn the war back into a war to end slavery. The document had proclaimed "that all persons held as slaves" within the rebellious states "are, and henceforward shall be free."

The Anaconda Plan was a plan used by General-in-Chief Winfield Scott. It had also been nicknamed "Scott's Great Snake." The plan used multiple steps. One of which would be to blockade the different ports so the South did not have supplies to win. Only a few boat made passed the blockade. Another step was to secure the Mississippi River and send 60,000 men and use gun boats to take hold of the forts along the river.

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