Kyiah Julian

What is LOVE? LOVE is playing EVERY game like its your last.

All about me!(:

My interest is school, basketball, volleyball, my phone. My skills are Basketball, Texting, and Volleyball. I have a AWESOME selfesteem. My learning style would defantly hands on. My personatily would be different im full of my self, there is nothing i cant do or at lest try to be the best, and im pretty funny. I can make my self laugh so. Why would all of this need to be known for a job interview. To see if you have the right skills, knowlage, for this job.

When I get older i want to be a pediatriction.

A perdatriction is a doctor that deals with kids that have mental deasis, or sevire illnesses. A pedatriction will make about $74.35 hourly, $154,650 annual. T