The Bastille

The Bastille also known as the Bastille Saint Antoine was originally built as a royal state prison in the 1370s, King Charles V Of France Ordered the Construction but the Bastille was built By Hugh Aubriot the Paris Provost to defend Paris from the English during the hundred years war. The first stone set was on the 22nd of April in 1370 . The Bastille only had seven prisoners when it was stormed on July 14, 1789. the prisoners compromised of four forgers, two lunatics and one aristocrat. One of the prisoners is said to have refused to go before he had finished his roast pheasant dinner. After it was destroyed on July 15, 1789 the main key was given to the Marquis de Lafayette who later gave it to George Washington. The Key is still able to be seen today at Washington Mansion at Mount Vernon.

The bastille was a symbol of the abuse of the monarchy its fall was the flashpoint of the french revolution