By: Brian Russell


Being a dentists requires alot of education and training. Being able to work independently while forming relationships with customers is a taught skill for only the disipline. Being well-rounded in subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, and Dentistry. Once you learn those subjects it's now skill development. Learning how to make connections on the job, and making decisions based on the level of education that you have obtained in necessary in becoming a dentist.

Questions to ask yourself when your about to go into this feild is:
Are you willing to put in Weekends?
Are you willing to work independently?
Can you work well with customers daily?
Are you a on- the- spot thinker?
Do you excell in Science?

This field is growing in the industry excelling faster than average:
Wages range creating a average of $70.36 hourly

Dentists Essay

Being a dentists has all of those values, skill, and interests written above. Being a dentists requires you to be social. Working with other customers daily is a big chunk in a dentist day so it requires you to be comfortable doing that certain skill. Also working alone just you and the patient is an important skill. By working alone you will need to be able to make decisions by yourself and to justify why it’s was the best decision at the time. To do things like remove teeth or let the teeth stay a little longer to prevent further injury. Working with your hands it a crucial skill. If you lack this skill you can create a tone of injury or ruin business with terrible hand eye coordination. Working in a business environment stems a professional vibe throughout the job making you look better. Learning things while being mentored is a important part of being a dentists. Learning when and why do certain task helps make the job go by smoother. Learning things on the “go” also prevents any problems in the future. Last building relationships with the people you work with and customers helps your job out a lot. Having everybody on the same page and having people relate to you makes chemistry within the job a lot better. Doing this also makes the customers come back more making your job a business now because of the regular source of income now.