The Weekly Howl

Week of October 16th, 2017

Building Relationships.........

Take a look at the faces of our kids in this picture. What do you see? Over the last 5 weeks I've gotten to know 55 students on a level outside of "school." I've gotten to talk to them about things they find funny, things they are worried about at home, how nervous they are about racing, what they are going to dress up as for halloween, what they want for their birthday, new baby sisters and brothers, what snacks they like....etc. I could go on and on. My point is, when we make meaningful relationships and know our students inside and out they will rise to our expectations and excel! No creative math lesson, 3 on a standard, or best lesson plans ever, will make them perform to their full abilities until they know we care. Take a look at the background picture again and ask yourself, do my students enter and leave our school looking like this? Do we model this joyful attitude for them when we enter and leave school? In the office we have #CNPROUD of you cards. I'm challenging each of you over the next two weeks to find a student and write them a note telling them why you are proud of them. I can tell you from experience how much of a difference in a life a simple note can make. You all know my life story, that my parents were teens trying to figure out how to raise a child as kids themselves (common today, but not so much back then). I HATED school, and if you could get in trouble for it at school, I usually did it. That all changed when a teacher showed me he believed in me through a note. Sometimes the important things in school aren't grades, lessons, objectives, and standards taught. Sometimes the most important thing is relationships!

A Huge Shout Out THANK YOU

Thank you to everyone who was involved in our running club. Many people played crucial roles from the front office ladies organizing money and permission slips, the snacks provided by Beth, Ms. Shrader helping run practices, Kerry driving our bus, to all the staff that came and helped, cheered, and supported our kids! I feel very blessed to be able to work with a staff as dedicated to our kids as you all! It really does take a village and you guys prove that Wolf Lake is a great village to be raised in!

Report Cards

Please have all your grades for the 1st 9 weeks in by 8:00 Monday morning. We will run them and get them to you by 12:00 so you can look them over and make any adjustments that you feel need met.

Teach Like a Pirate Book Study

The overwhelming choice was Teach Like a Pirate. If you are interested in being part of this book study please email me no later than Tuesday at 3:00. I will place an order for the books shortly after that.

Chili Supper/Fall Festival

I sent a sign up to your email inviting you to sign up for times to work and for things to bring. Let me know if you can't access it. It would show up in your google drive shared with me tab. I've know you are all busy, so I've tried to make this as easy as possible for all of you.

Morning Meetings

Monday, October 16 @ 7:45: Staff meeting in the art room

Important Dates

10/17: Fire prevention program K-1 only @9:15

10/17: PTO Fall Festival/Chili Supper

10/17: Report cards go home

10/18-10/20: Fall Break No School

11/2: Book Fair Night

11/2: Tentative Pie Sale Delivery Date

11/6: 5th Grade Music Program

12/1-1/26: NWEA Winter Testing Window

12/14: Kdg Christmas Program

2/26-3/9: ISTEP Part 1 Window

3/12-3/16: IREAD Window 3rd Grade

3/19-5/18: NWEA Spring Testing Window

4/16-5/4: ISTEP Part 2 Window

6/3: Graduation @2:00

Second Grade Boys take 1st as a team!

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