Cortez life...

Cortez was born in 1485. He lived in Spain in a small village called Medillin. He grew up learning the law but later had a passion for arms. In 1511 distinguished himself under Diego-Velasquez in the expedition against Cuba. In 1518, Velasquez's conquest of Mexico was entrusted to him.

A sail...

In 1519, he landed in Mexico with somewhere between 600-700 men. He sail the river of Tabasco and came to a town that was named after the river. The Tabascans were territoried of the Spaniards. Adventing off Cortez came to the coast of San Juan de Ulloa. He visited many Mexican chiefs. Later on the became one of the Aztec.

The Adventure

An explorer that is hard to come by...

The Aztec

The Cortes expedition almost came to an end when the Aztec turned against Cortes and his crew. Cortes and his men were vastly outnumbered in the Aztec capital of Tenochilitan. The major cause of the change in Aztec toward Cortes and his initiatives was the massacre of the Aztec at their temple, while Cortes was away.